Gaping Dragon Expansion - Production Sample


Today we’re delving back into the unboxing of the Mega Boss Expansions. So far we’ve revealed:

Wave 2 is on track for delivery in July 2018. Last week on our Twitch Channel we saw Lead Developer, Alex Hall, and Office lacky, Gareth, take on the fearsome Four Kings. You can view that playthrough here.

This week we’ll be opening the Gaping Dragon box and taking a look at the contents inside. If you missed out on ordering this via the Kickstarter then you can pre-order your copy here!

Some are so lost that they are not even worthy of place amongst the shambling and vengeful corpses of the Undead Burg. Their fate instead is to eternally wander the endless corridors of the flooded and labyrinthine Depths, banished forever from the light of the sun. The Gaping Dragon is one such creature, an abomination hideously transformed by its ravenous hunger.


SPOILER ALERT: If you want the gameplay experience of the Gaping Dragon Expansion to be entirely unexpected do not read the text, just look at the pretty pictures.  

Obligatory Spoiler Alert out of the way…let’s have a look at what you get in the box.  

  • 1x Rules Insert  
  • 1x Gaping Dragon Miniature
  • 1x Gaping Dragon Health Dial
  • 1x Gaping Dragon Data Card
  • 14x Gaping Dragon Behaviour Cards
  • 2x Gaping Dragon Treasure Cards
  • 4x Corrosion Condition Tokens
  • 4x Level 4 Encounter Cards
  • 1x Mega Boss Game Board

Custom Game Elements

The Gaping Dragon introduces a new Boss Mechanic that players will have to overcome. The Gaping Dragon has the capability to perform back-to-back attacks via it’s Crawling Charge Mechanic. Whenever the ‘Crawl’ Icon appears on a behaviour card the Gaping Dragon will immediately perform a Charge where it slams its barbed maw forward before rapidly skittering across the ground. Players will need to ensure they’re prepared for a barrage of attacks!

The second new mechanic is the Corrosion Condition. When a character is suffering from the Corrosion Condition and makes a Block roll, they suffer -1 successes on the roll. If they suffer damage from the attack, then the condition is removed. (A Corrosion Token, much like a Bleed Token, is not removed at the end of a character’s activation.)

Campaign Scenario ‘Into the Depths’

The Gaping Dragon Campaign Scenarios are set in Dark Souls™ 1 following on from the Darkroot Expansion and can be played over a series of five sessions. Along the way you’ll have to defeat the Winged Knight, Titanite Demon, Artorias, Ornstein & Smough, and then finally the Gaping Dragon.

We have also included rules to allow this campaign to be followed if you only have the Core Set. You quite simply replace the Artorias Boss Fight with the Dancer, and do not use the Darkroot Expansion Encounters as instructed.