Navigator's Guild: Azimuth | Guild Ball

Welcome to another reveal blog here from Steamforged Games! Last week we showed off Wander, the albatross mascot of the Navigator's Guild, and you can see that blog here if you missed it.

This week we're going to be looking at Azimuth, the Mysterious Gladiator, Windfinder's first mate and one of the very few people she actually trusts.

Gladiators! Are You Ready!?


Well. There's a lot to go into here, since Azimuth is SWEEEET, as well as some of the coolest artwork we've ever done for Guild Ball. One thing to note about the art is that Azimuth is armed like a retiarius gladiator from ancient Rome. These men were lightly armoured, and used nets to entangle their opponents, and tridents to stab them when they're down. Taking inspiration from the ancient world when writing characters is one of the coolest things about writing models for Guild Ball, and we feel that Azimuth is a really cool representation of this historical gladiatorial fighting style. As to how this gladiatorial figure fits into the ship based Navigator's Guild, well it's obvious he's handy with a net. Beyond that, you'll need to bother Sherwin for more information!

So getting into his stats, first off he has a 2" melee zone with that trident of his. Always useful for a variety of reasons, it gives him a lot of flexibility. Moving on to his statline, it's very solid. While Azimuth is on a 40mm base, we wanted to go a different direction to the standard 'big guy' statline, which is usually high on armour or tough hide to provide good defense. That would've felt very out of place in the hyper fast, hyper mobile Navigators, so we went with a different approach. A MOV of 5"/7" is low for the Navigators, but pretty good for a 'big guy', and a TAC of 6 is phenomenal when combined with REROLLS, as is his 2/6" KICK stat. DEF 4+ is the highest of any of the 'big guys' in GB, but obviously he has no ARM. Look at him, duh. Finally an INF stat of 2/3 means he brings plenty to the team, but can't take the 4 Influence that most other players have. As it turns out, following a lot of testing, it would be preeeety silly good if he could have 4!

His Playbook is also very strong, a KD on column 2 with TAC 6 and REROLLS is just about as reliable as you could want. A Tackle, and a GB symbol plus a dodge on column 3 is also extremely reliable, and we'll get into his Character Plays in a second. Momentous 2 damage on column 4 is about as reliable as Navigators get (remember Eye Spy from Windfinder plus crowd outs means he'll be hitting this more often than not). As with most of the Navigators, the very top end of his Playbook is where he really shines, with a momentous GB/dodge, a momentous double Push, and a momentous 3 damage. This Playbook has SO many options on there, and with a low knockdown he'll get hitting whatever he wants very often.

And oh boy, those options just get better when looking at his Character Plays. Disarm is one we've seen before in a couple of places, and it really helps those slightly squishy Navigator models survive the game. Disarming an opponent is also a phenomenal counter attack option, especially when looking back at his Playbook, he gets to make a dodge whenever he triggers it too!

His second Character Play is unique to this model, and is called Netted. Netted is very simple, the target enemy model simply suffers the knocked down condition. Where this gets special is that it's range 4" and can be triggered multiple times from the Playbook, allowing Azimuth to knock down a plethora of models if your opponent positions poorly! Also, incidentally, a great counter attack considering he can dodge around like an absolute pro while he does it. Both these Character Plays really get the flavour of the character across, representing him throwing his net to trip opponents up or snag their weapons to make their attacks less efficient.

Really, the 3 Influence cap on this model is all that stops him being really silly, and as is, he can do pretty much anything he wants. That said, it's important to remember that with DEF 4+ and 18 HP, he's not the toughest of dudes. He wants to be right in the middle of things to be throwing out his amazing debuffs and putting the hurt on the enemy, but if he gets knocked down, he's getting taken out fast! Use him carefully and pick your moment to apply him to the enemy team.

Sacramentum Gladiatorum


Azimuth has four traits on the back of his card, one of which is the standard Guild Rule, Precise Calculations. The other three are super interesting and useful too, the first of which is Close Control. Sometimes the Navigators need a safe place to put the ball, and Azimuth provides a good place to hold it. Other times, this lets him Tackle the ball from an enemy model and not worry about a Counter Attack tackling it back. The Navigators want to play the ball, this helps keep the ball safe. Super simple stuff.

The next two traits are sort of a combo, so we'll talk about the one we all know and love first. Poised is a great trait, allowing Azimuth to declare a Counter Attack once per turn without spending momentum. Again, this is pretty simple, but just a solid rule to have on his card, especially with a 2" melee zone and excellent knockdown.

The last rule, simply called Gladiator, makes Poised even better. This is a rule unique to Azimuth, and it means when he declares a Counter Attack, he gains +1 DEF until the enemy attack is resolved. Getting charged? Counter Attack, Defensive Stance, and he's DEF 6+. That's pretty good. Any other time it gets him to DEF 5+, which is really solid. This helps cement his role as a model who can stand in the thick of things, and lets him be a bit tankier than his statline would suggest, letting him fill that role of a 'big guy' that most teams fill with a model with Tough Hide or tonnes of health.

So there he is, in all his glory. What a top lad. Let us know what you think of him on our social media platforms, and if you think he looks like an absolute must have, you can pre-order the Navigators here

Come back next week when we'll be looking at the last Navigator, Ebb, the Deepsworn!