The Gentleman Available Now | Critical Role

Did you figure out who the silhouetted miniature was on Facebook and Twitter? It was a tricky one, but the correct answer is The Gentleman.

The Gentleman, an NPC played by Matthew Mercer, made their first appearance in Campaign 2, Episode 14: Fleeting Memories. The Gentleman is a charming, well connected water genasi criminal mastermind who has established a powerful base of operations throughout the subterranean Underworks of the city of Zadash.

With a love of vice and lavish decor, his presentational amicability hides a clever, paranoid mind that guards his interests ruthlessly.

The Gentleman is available to pre-order now via the SFG Webstore until Monday 2nd September!

If you pre-ordered Caduceus and/or Avantika they will begin shipping on Monday 19th August! Be sure to share your painted miniatures with us on Twitter & Instagram using #CrittersPaint


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