Season 4 Card Pack | Guild Ball

Hey Sports Fans,

We have identified that the Season 4 Card Packs contained ten errors to players cards in various forms. These are:

  • Butcher’s Guild: Boiler

  • Engineer’s Guild : Pin Vice

  • Falconer’s Guild: Rundaas

  • Farmer’s Guild: Peck & Veteran Honour

  • Hunter’s Guild: Seenah

  • Mason’s Guild: Mallet & Granite

  • The Order: Veteran Fangtooth

  • The Union: Veteran Rage

The correct cards can be downloaded from the Guild Ball Resources whilst we resolve the misprinted cards.

Our Solution?

We will, at zero cost to the customer, be replacing the ten cards featuring errors with a mini-deck that will be sent out to those who have bought the Season 4 Card Deck. The replacement card decks are due to be delivered to SFG HQ next week, and we will begin dispatching them once they do.

“What do I do if…

…I have ordered via SFG and received incorrect cards?”
Absolutely nothing. We’ll be sending you your replacement card packs as soon as they arrive with us.

…I have ordered via SFG but not received any cards?”
Bear with us. We’ve held your order until the replacement cards arrive, and we’ll send them out together.

…I bought my cards at SteamCon USA?”
We need you to fill in the form below and include your shipping details, so we can send you the replacement card pack.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your continued support!

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