SEASON 4 at SteamCon USA!!??

Your support so far for SteamCon US has been monumental, and we’re back to talk to you more about it right now! We’re on track to have an enormous SteamCon US for 2018 that truly dwarfs the 2017 event. And today we have some incredibly exciting news to share with you all!

More Early Birds!

You guys completely blew away our expectations of initial early bird ticket sales, so we had a think. Remember that we promised you the chance to see the provisional SteamCon US event schedule before the close of the early bird? We did manage to publish the provisional schedule during the early bird (which you can see HERE). However, we didn’t think it was very fair that you guys only got a couple of days to see the provisional schedule before we closed the early bird on Monday. So, we’ve decided to add another hundred early bird tickets AND extend the early bird duration for SteamCon US until Wednesday 23rd of May, WOOHOO!!


We have some awesome news about SteamCon US that we hadn’t told you yet. The final Season 3 event will be the Guild Ball US Championship. That’s because late on the evening of Friday October 12th we’ll be launching Guild Ball Season 4!! For the whole rest of the weekend you’ll get to enjoy playing with the new Season’s rules and updated player cards!

  • Yes, that means that the Guild Ball doubles tournament on the Saturday will be Season 4
  • Yes, that means that all the rest of your Guild Ball games that weekend will be Season 4

So, if you want to get in on the fun and be one of the first people to experience Guild Ball Season 4 at SteamCon, you need to buy your ticket right now!

Remember, you can book a reduced rate onsite room here:

But, I’m going to SteamCon UK, not SteamCon US

Everyone in Europe gets to join in today’s excitement too! A few months ago, at Steamforged Games HQ in Manchester, we ran our first ever Guild Ball playtest event where the lucky attendees got to playtest the Exiles and Pride months before anyone else even got to see them. Well, we’re almost ready to announce our next playtest event… seems like a good chance to playtest some Season 4 rules, right?

So that’s it, we’re off. The countdown to Guild Ball Season 4 has officially begun! Join us again in future blogs to start seeing snapshots of updated rules and player cards. Alternatively, attend some of our playtest events to get to grips with Season 4 even sooner and help us shape the future of Guild Ball.