KingdomCon Winner = Chicken Dinner

Hello Sports Fans!

Guild Ball KingdomCon Cup Qualifiers and Final are this weekend!!

We're proud to announce that the USA (West) Championship (taking place at KingdomCon) has successfully qualified for: 

  • FREE Travel,
  • FREE Accommodation, 
  • FREE Entry

All to SteamCon UK 2018 this November.

It's all to play for this weekend! So make sure you check, and double check, your case to make sure you have your Guild safely packed.

Drink plenty of water over the weekend, you'll need to stay hydrated if you're going for gold as you'll need to make the cut from one of the two Qualifiers, before duking it out with the 'Best of the West' to claim that flight to the UK.

Very few tickets are remaining but you can get yours here!

Can't make it to KingdomCon? Check out our Facebook Page for Guild Ball National Championships near you. If the National Event has over 30 attendees then it will qualify for all the perks listed above.