Frelsi - It Means Freedom

In last weeks blog we revealed Devana, the captain of the Falconer’s Guild. If you missed last weeks blog on Devana you can find it HERE. In Devana’s blog we made reference to her great eagle Frelsi and today we’re going to finally show you the elusive mascot in all her glory.


Fly Like an Eagle

The most striking thing about Frelsi is her ability to soar across the Guild Ball field with her 5”/9” MOV. This combined with her exceptional kick stat (for a mascot) means this eagle can easily divebomb the ball into the goal. Her above average TAC allows her to effectively use her very simple playbook, which gives her opportunities to deal damage and dodge with a few momentous results here and there. Despite her above average health pool for a mascot, her 4+ DEF with 0 ARM means opponents can clip her wings if required.

Frelsi has a single character play, Snare, that (unsurprisingly) allows her to apply the snared condition to an enemy model. This character play can only be triggered from the playbook, however the trigger does appear on the first column of her playbook, momentously to boot. Combined with her high movement, this allows her to apply the snare condition wherever it’s needed.


Fits the Bill

The back of her card continues the trend of simple but effective with two useful character traits.

Her first character trait Loved Creature is a mainstay of many mascots within Guild Ball. Damaging Frelsi gives the rest of her team +1 TAC, making opponents think twice about threatening her. After all, a TAC bonus is a particularly scary prospect in a Guild of ranged damage dealers.

Her second trait is an obvious one given her avian nature. This great eagle has Flying allowing her to ignore terrain and other models when moving. This allows her to consistently get the most out of her high movement. No matter what happens; you can’t take the sky from her.

Toucan Play at That Game

At this point we’ve covered her entire card and we would be talking about what’s coming next week, asking for your opinion, directing you to the store etc…However there’s still more to cover with this eagle! Devana brings some strong interactions with Frelsi that would be ill-eagle not to cover.

Devana’s character play Hack Back [Frelsi] is the first and most obvious of these interactions, allowing Frelsi to immediately dodge 5”. This allows Frelsi to move a total of 14” during a turn, resulting in an 18” goal threat in a turn even before you take Teamwork dodges into consideration.

The second of these character plays, Air Mail, though not limited to Frelsi, has obviously strong interactions with her. If Devana has possession of the ball she can use Air Mail to place it in possession of another friendly model within a ridiculous 14” range. This means Frelsi doesn’t even have to go collect the ball, instead Devana can load her up with the payload she needs to score.

The final interaction between her and Devana is the damage and TAC bonus Frelsi provides her via Assist [Frelsi], further increasing Devana’s already formidable damage output. Sometimes applying Assist to an enemy can be difficult, but the combination of Frelsi’s high movement and the Flying trait make it easier. To top it all off Devana can move Frelsi during her own activation via Hack Back, keeping her true target hidden until it’s too late.

With those interactions covered, that’s us done for this week. We’ve now revealed a playable line-up for the Falconers Guild so you can get some games in! Join us next week when we finish off the Falconer’s Guild reveals with the double reveal of both Ikaros AND Rundaas! Alternatively, catch the Guild Ball livestream later today (4PM BST) where developers Steve Margetson and Bryce Johnston will be putting the Falconer’s Guild through their paces against the Brewer’s Guild.