Black Friday Shipping Update

Hi Folks,

Over the past few days since announcing the delay of orders containing Christmas Roast, Obulus Legends Edition and Ox Legends Edition (see post below) we’ve seen feedback from customers stating that orders were made that did not contain these products, but notification of fulfilment is yet to be received.

We’ve investigated this feedback and had a dig through the system to see if it’s an error with the notifications that go out to the customer when an order is fulfilled or if the order wasn’t stored on the system in the correct location for our warehouse staff to pick and pack the order from.

For reasons unknown to us, our assumption is due to the volume of orders, some orders weren’t correctly filed on our stores system. This has now been addressed and these orders are being processed now.

These orders should all have left the warehouse by the end of this week (Dec 21st) and the warehouse staff are doing everything they can to get them out ahead of this date. We are extremely hopeful that these orders will make it to our customers ahead of Christmas, but as stated in our last update postal services become extremely unpredictable this close to Christmas.

It is expected that this will impact the delivery time of some orders made during the Winter Sale, any orders for the Winter Sale that are not fulfilled by the end of this week will be fulfilled when SFG HQ reopens on January 2nd.