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Player Characters

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Welcome back Hunters!

In our last article we introduced you to how some of the larger enemies work in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace. Following on from that, today it’s time to return to the heroes of the game—the hunters! But before we get started, if you missed the previous article or any of the others before it, don't worry—you’ll be able to find a link at the top of this page.

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And now, without further ado, let’s introduce Nero!


Nero is a demon hunter of such determination that even losing an arm couldn’t stop him from coming back to kick a whole load of demon butt. And now he’s been fixed up with an impressive new arsenal of mechanical ‘Devil Breaker’ arms? Nero is nigh on unstoppable. Trained by the Order of the Sword, Nero doesn’t only bring death to his demonic adversaries with his interchangeable Devil Breakers either! This hunter wields his vicious blade, the Red Queen, and his Blue Rose pistol (although the Blue Rose is far more of a hand cannon than a simple handgun!) to deadly effect, as you’ll soon see.


In Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, Nero uses a combination of heavy sword strikes interspersed with pistol shots and deadly arcing swings to deal massive amounts of damage to anything in close proximity. When no more demons are nearby to slay, he uses his Devil Breakers to latch on to distant enemies and either drag them forwards or to propel himself towards them so that he can continue the carnage. Nero’s Devil Breakers also serve as additional special attacks which Nero can use to extend his combo chains to incredible lengths.


Trish might appear to be one of the less dangerous of hunters in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace at first glance, but you should never judge a book by its cover. No simple human, this lady is actually a lethal demon in a woman’s form with a real appetite for carnage! While Trish is incredibly skilled in using a variety of weapons, she often prefers to beat enemies to a pulp with her bare hands. She demonstrates without a doubt the most brutal style of any demon hunter. When all else fails? Send Trish in to kick and punch the ever-loving hell out of whatever’s causing you grief.


Trish begins the game with more basic attacks at her disposal than any other hunter, meaning she’s incredibly versatile and has a huge variety of options for kicking off new combo chains. In addition to this, a large number of her attack cards offer Trish bonus movement, allowing her to jump from one enemy to the next with consummate ease. Where other hunters tend to shine when enemies are grouped together, Trish can bring the pain in almost any situation.


A mysterious newcomer to the Devil May Cry™ universe, not much is known about where V came from or even who he is. What we can say for sure, however, is that V is an incredibly powerful demon hunter, who has somehow managed to bind a plethora of demonic familiars to doing his bidding. Before he commits to a battle, V will often send his familiars Shadow and Griffin to soften up a target while he stalks around the edges of the fight, looking to dart in to deal a finishing blow with his cane.


In Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, V brings his unique signature playstyle to bear, summoning Shadow to aid him in the fight. To this end, V’s cards are a mixture of commands for Shadow to shift around and lash out at nearby enemies, shooting attacks from Griffin, and positioning tricks. A tricky hunter to pin down, V is also capable of teleporting next to Shadow, or having the familiar shapeshift into enormous grasping tendrils, which drag unsuspecting demons towards their doom. But remember—V himself must always be the one to land the finishing blow.


Son of the legendary dark knight Sparda and the original king of Smoking Sexy Style, Dante is a veteran demon hunter and a real force to be reckoned with. Bringing the largest arsenal of weapons in the game to any fight, Dante can quickly adapt how he fights on the fly to ensure he’s bringing both maximum damage and maximum style. With his trusty sword Rebellion, the pistols Ebony & Ivory, Balrog devil arms, and the Coyote-A shotgun… well, you get the picture. You name it, Dante has probably tried to kill a demon with it. Even a mop.


In Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, Dante has access to a number of fighting styles which he can smoothly switch between every time he takes a turn. Fighting styles grant Dante bonuses to his defence, movement, and certain types of attacks, making him incredibly versatile. And when his back is up against a wall, just hitting everything with Rebellion while looking like an absolute boss is rarely a bad plan.

That's all we have for today—thanks for joining us as we dived into the differences between the hunters of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace… well, these four anyway.

Next up we’ll be taking a similar more in depth look at the demons of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace. So far we’ve seen the Empusa, the fearsome Hell Antenora, and the terrifying Empusa Queen, but what else is out there waiting to ambush you?

Join us again soon for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace and find out!

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