Chibi - The Usurper and The Tribute

This month the reach of the Solthecian faith reaches further than it ever has before with the release of the third Union team box, the Faithful of Solthecius.  Alongside these devout followers of the faith, we at SFG, are happy to announce the launch of the Chibi pin of one of the Church’s staunchest opponents.

Available on our webstore now! The Usurper, Veteran Rage has finally made his transition to his final form, that of the chibi pin.  As shown below, this is one of the probably cutest versions of egregious veteran ever to come near a Guild Ball pitch.

Alongside his captain, comes Rage’s one trusted stalwart; Strongbox too has made the jump to their Chibi form, and is certainly of the most adorable looking testudines out there. 

Available on the webstore Strongbox and Veteran Rage join Scalpel and Vileswarm as the first of the Season 2 Captains/Mascots to be available in as chibi pins.

Expect the rest of the Season 2 chibi-style captains and mascots over the coming months.  Who do you think will be next??


Eye wonder who it could be?!