New Play Mats From Deep-Cut Studios

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Following on the from the extremely successful launch of the Deep-cut Studios’ Ratcatcher’s play mat at Salute last month, our friends at Deep-cut have been working hard to get new designs ready for you!

Available on our webstore from today, are two new incredible designs of play mats for the Mortician’s Guild and the Farmer’s Guild.

All these mats are also available direct from Deep-cut themselves.

The detail on these mats, which are shown below for your viewing pleasure, is just incredible and would be a perfect addition to your games of Guild Ball.  Whether playing as a hearty Farmer, or a dour Mortician these mats will be sure to make your games a visual delight!

For those of you who might have been fortunate enough to attend the Game Forge at our HQ in Manchester, might also have been lucky enough to see another new mat design floating around the gaming tables. Something with a little more loft to it.  Something coming into land…

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