Battlefield Diet Plan | Godtear

Through the past few updates, we’ve featured significant changes to some of our existing champions as well as the introduction of two new champions for you to test out. We’re taking a break from champion tweaks this week to let all of the ‘new’ have a little time to settle.

But we still have an important change for you today.

We’re currently looking at locking some of our scenarios, and there is one change to come out of our playtesting that doesn’t simply make sense for one scenario but for the entire game of Godtear.

We’re going to be removing one hex from each side of each row of the battlefield. It will remain the same length (12 hexes between the two players), but it will be narrowed by one hex on each side of each row (from 16 hexes per row to 14 hexes per row).

This change has already proven to have a noticeable impact. It promotes more engaging battles, reduces the effectiveness of running away as a gameplan, and focuses the action of the game where it belongs from the very first turn.

We’re going to keep the update short and sweet this week, because we know this is an unexpected change. We’ve rebuilt certain elements of Godtear from the ground up without ever touching the battlefield board itself, but the time has come. We’re locking down every part of the game we can, and it was time to make a necessary adjustment to the battlefield before it, too, becomes a locked element of Godtear gameplay.

So this week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • Are there any standout games you’ve played in which a slightly narrower battlefield would have had a significant impact (if so, how)?

  • If you’ve had a chance to play a game or two with the revised battlefield, what impact did it have (if any)?

  • What are your overall thoughts on the change to battlefield width?

  • Which champions do you think are complete at this point and do not need further revisions?

  • Which champions do you think should be a focus of continuing testing before they are locked?

  • Do you think any champions are too powerful (if so, why)?

  • Do you think any champions are not powerful enough (if so, why)?

This doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about locking scenarios and champions, but this foundational element needed to come first. After all, we wouldn’t want to change the shape of the battlefield itself once some of the scenarios are locked!

Thanks, and have fun.