Veteran Siren | Season 4 | Guild Ball

Last week on the blog we revealed our thoughts on the Falconer’s Guild and we looked at a few small changes they’ve received for Season 4. Today we’ll be continuing with our model card reveals with a look at the Season 4 card for the Fishermen’s Guild Veteran Siren, the Turning of the Tide.

There’s Something Fishy Going on Here…

As we mentioned on last week’s blog, one of the first things we did when we started the development of Season 4 was to take a look at the intended playstyle for every Guild as a whole, and then each model individually. This process helped us to identify not only which models needed to change, but also by how much and with what purpose in mind. These objectives were in addition to overall aims such as reducing complexity and tweaking game balance.

The Fishermen’s Guild were one of the first Guilds ever to be designed for Guild Ball, alongside the Butcher’s Guild. Since then, the Butchers and the Fishermen have always represented two extremes of the game, in terms of playstyle. The Butchers are all about inflicting the maximum amount of damage they can, and the Fishermen are all about scoring as many goals as they can. One of the things we are careful to avoid when designing new players and new Guilds is Guilds homogenisation. We try to ensure that they Butchers never have access to a better striker than the Fishermen do, for example, and for the most part we believe we’ve been successful in ensuring that each Guild has a unique identity.

When it came analysing the identity of the Fishermen however, it became clear that we had deviated somewhat from their original design. The advent of Corsair and Sakana in Season 2 allowed the Fishermen to have in-Guild models with momentous damage, something they only had access to through Union mercenaries before that. At the time, this made some sense. We wanted to level the playing field and allow the Fishermen to have the potential to inflict take outs in case their goal scoring game should ever falter. However, in the current climate where there are quite a few Guilds out there with strong goal scoring games backed up by momentous damage take outs, the Fishermen were starting to lose some of their unique identity.

So we’ve taken the step of removing all momentous damage from the Fishermen’s Guild to return them to being the only Guild with such an extreme playbook design. However, they will still be capable of inflicting take outs to facilitate a 2 goals and 2 take outs playstyle, particularly when captained by Corsair. To give an example of how the Fishermen’s take out game has changed, in Season 4 Corsair still has an effective playbook for causing damage, as well as this brand new character trait.


What this new character trait does is to allow the Fishermen to inflict take outs, but in a way that does not allow them to relentlessly attack enemy models to ‘farm’ them for momentum in the way they could in Season 3. This means that the Fishermen no longer want to sit in a prolonged melee to control a fighting game and their take outs exist purely to support their incredibly strong goal scoring playstyle, rather than serving as a genuine alternative. This is where Veteran Siren comes in.


I Come Back to You Now, At the Turn of The Tide

Just as we have refocused the Fishermen’s Guild to more clearly focus on a goal scoring game rather than a take out one, Veteran Siren has undergone a similar change to her playstyle. In Season 3, she was all about sitting next to other Fishermen models involved in a melee, and throwing up an aura of -2 TAC for enemy models to protect her team mates. Now Veteran Siren is a ball control ‘tech piece’ to serve as an alternative to original Siren. The choice for Fishermen players will be selecting the correct version of Siren to take into each match up depending on which abilities they need more.

Starting off with the basics, Veteran Siren’s stat line has two changes. The first change is to her DEF stat, which has increased from 4+ to 5+. Veteran Siren used to have Protected [Kraken] which increased her DEF to 5+ while positioned close to Kraken, but for simplicity we removed this trait and just changed her regular DEF to 5+. The second stat change is to her INF which has come down from 2/4 to 2/3. This is the same INF stat that original Siren has, and Veteran Siren now has it for the same reason. Both versions of Siren have a strict cap on their influence to ensure that their incredibly powerful selection of character plays and abilities remain fair and balanced.

Moving onto her playbook, Veteran Siren has a few changes to note. Firstly, she no longer has any playbook triggers for her character plays, because she has a brand new set of character plays. Secondly, she has an absolutely wonderful result on her first column, a momentous tackle and single dodge. One of the things we noticed about Fishemen model selection rates is that both of the 1” melee zone options, Veteran Siren and Angel, struggle to see time on the pitch. This is partially because having a 2” melee zone is just so good considering that this team is primarily focused on tackling the ball and scoring goals. So, to make Veteran Siren and Angel slightly more appealing from a playbook perspective, they both have this incredible new playbook result on the first column!

Getting into the meat of Veteran Siren, her character plays, we have two brand new abilities. The first is the new version of Dread Gaze which is the Fishermen’s Guild first and only access to ranged knockdown. This is great not only for knocking the ball off an enemy model at range, but also for a little bit of ranged control against an enemy that perhaps doesn’t have any momentum.

Veteran Siren’s second character play combines very well with her first, Fair Wind. This is also the first time that the Fishermen have had access to abilities which can target a free ball. Previously they tended to deal with a ball on the ground by using their incredible speed to regain possession, whereas now they have an alternative option. Furthermore, an interesting tactic is using Dread Gaze to knock the ball off an enemy model then, depending on where it scatters to, bringing the ball closer to Siren herself or another friendly model using Fair Wind. Incredible!

Seeking Destiny? You will find it in time, Young One

The reverse of Veteran Siren’s card is a lot more conservative and mostly focused on simplicity. We already mentioned that Defence Support [Kraken] has been removed in favour of a static DEF stat of 5+. Veteran Siren also retains Shadowlike, which makes her an insanely quick model if she wants to be.

The only other change to mention is that Escaping Fate’s 4” dodge has been reduced to a 2” dodge. For a Guild that is meant to be on the lower end of resilience, their high strength counter attacks and mobility often make Fishermen a lot harder to take down than they first appear. As a result, we have revised the Fishermen’s Guild overall resilience just a little. That often takes the form of a single health point being removed here and there. For Veteran Siren, we reduced her resilience a little by shortening the Escaping Fate dodge to make her easier to catch and take out. However, we think it’s fair to say that Veteran Siren’s offensive capabilities more than make up for her slight reduction in resilience.

That’s all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed today’s reveal of the all new Veteran Siren. Join us next time to see the reveal of the Season 4 player card for Esters of the Brewer’s Guild, the Ferocious Matriarch.