Week Five Update | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

It’s been just over a week since SteamCon US, and how things have changed! We’ve almost doubled the total amount of games played in the last week, which is insane. Now isn’t the time to stop either – there are still three more weeks to get in your results, and the battle for the draft order is really heating up.

But before we go any further, if you’re new to our Community Events and aren’t sure how to get involved, don’t worry. You can find out everything you need to know here. Come and join in the fun!

The Old Ways

Last time around we showed you which rookies were the most popular with each Guild in the aftermath of Steamcon US, but this week it’s time to focus on the overall standings again. Can the Farmers retain their early lead? Have the Hunters woken up yet?

Time to find out!

  1. Farmer’s Guild

  2. Blacksmith’s Guild

  3. Alchemist’s Guild

  4. Butcher’s Guild

  5. Mortician’s Guild

  6. Fisherman’s Guild

  7. Mason’s Guild

  8. Engineer’s Guild

  9. Brewer’s Guild

  10. Hunter’s Guild

And just like that, the Butchers have stormed three places up the table since last time!

The Farmers still sit at the top, having eked out a significant lead in the early stages of the event. They have over double the votes of the Hunters languishing at the bottom of the table, which is incredible. Can anyone catch them? Yes, actually. The Blacksmiths continue to close the gap and it’s getting mighty close, with only a handful of reports between them. At this stage, we’d definitely recommend paying attention to the players these two titans are gunning for, because we can’t see either falling out of the top three.

…unless of course, the meteoric rise of the Butchers continues. The Season Four reveal has been a real shot in the arm for the reds, who leapt so far up the tables they almost hit the top three. There are less than ten results separating them from the Alchemists at this stage, presently one of our closest races.

It’s about now we really have to ask what happened, Fishermen? Dropping two places and within easy reach of the Masons directly below (only nine results keeping them apart), it might be time to push a little harder if you’re still invested in getting your number one pick. And speaking of Masons, a quick shout out to them – once more, you’ve evened out your reports so you’re chasing each of your top three rookies in equal measure. Don’t ever change. You really are roleplaying this to an incredible standard.

The real question is, do the #undercogs think they can reach the next tier of teams, now they’ve overtaken the Brewers? We’re sorry to see you drop down Brewers, but here’s an interesting thing… we’ve seen Flea sneak into your top three – in fact, at current counts, that’s the rookie you’d draft if the event ended today. Are you planning on stealing him away and leaving the Hunters with complete chaos theory as to who they get in the Draft?!

Full Speed Ahead!

More track behind us than in front now, and we’re starting to see plenty of movement as fatigue sets in for some Guilds while others find fresh legs. Keep reporting, and next time we’ll be back with a new top three rookies update!