Unable to Post Kickstarter Updates | SFG

Hey folks,

Just a quick heads up that we intend to update all of our Kickstarter projects before the SFG office closes on Friday December 21st for the Holiday Season. There is currently a bug on the Kickstarter website preventing updates from being published. We can load them in, save and preview them… but the publish button has vanished. We’ve contacted Kickstarter regarding the issue but based on queries to their social media accounts it’s a wide spread problem.

Notice a severe lack of ‘Publish’ on the top blue bar!

Notice a severe lack of ‘Publish’ on the top blue bar!

We just wanted to let you know that updates are coming… once we’re able to publish them. We’ll be posting a link to this blog in the comments of our Kickstarter Projects to try and get the news out to everyone, and if you know someone who is awaiting a Kickstarter update from us ahead of the Holiday Season please point them this way!

Thanks, and have a great Holiday Season!