Harriet - If you can dodge a wrench...

It’s another Exile reveal today folks! Just before we bounce into this, to catch up with last week’s reveal of Veteran Hemlocke, check it out here.

Even though the New Alliances box has already been pre-released at Salute, we’re still going to be going over the remaining two models in these blog posts and talking about options and cool things they can do. This week we’re going to go for a calculated approach. A carefully engineered article about one of the cogs in the mighty machine of the New Alliances box. That’s right, it’s Veteran Harriet ‘The Hat’!

The Hat is Dead, Long Live The Hat

Oh sorry, we should have said ‘spoiler alert’. If you missed the background story for the final part of the Union in Chains community event, Harry is no more, he has ceased to be, he rests in peace, he is an ex-Hat. However the Hat, as is it's wont, has moved on, seeking a new…uhhh…host. Let’s go with host. And it found a promising one in a young Engineering student called Harriet.


Well, let’s break this down. Harriet has a 1” melee, as is pretty traditional for Engineers. Her Playbook is chock-full of momentous results, with a Push on column one, a lovely momentous 2 damage result and a momentous Tackle on column two. She has a Push/Dodge result on three, a KD on four, and a momentous GB result on column five. The other very relevant result on her Playbook is her non-momentous GB result on column three. Both of her Character Plays trigger on GB results, so this is particularly important for her.

The momentous 2 damage on column 2 is also very nice for Engineers, who can often feel like they struggle to finish enemy players off. Harriet’s pretty handy with that wrench, as it turns out!

Her statline is generally pretty solid. She has a 4/6” KICK which would be a big deal in every Guild except Engineers where it’s just standard. She also has rather a nice 6/9” MOV, giving her a lot of freedom in moving around the pitch. TAC 5, good defensive stats of 4+/ARM 1, and finally a 2/3 INF stat to round her out.

Harriet has two very short, very simple Character Plays. The first is Disarm, a Character Play we’ve seen before on Ferrite of the Blacksmith’s Guild. Disarm is a *great* defensive option, reducing an enemy player’s TAC by 2 is just a top-notch Counter Attack. It’s also usable to drive forward and debuff an enemy model that’s just about to come in and Attack you. The Engineers already tend to have very good defensive abilities, and reducing an enemy player’s TAC by 2 on top of that is really just icing on the cake. Your players will be safer than ever!

Harriet’s second Character Play is a brand-new Play for this model, called Sucker Punch. You know how Harriet has a mechanical arm? When we were writing this model’s card we looked at the art and thought “what if that arm extends like Inspector Gadget’s?” And thus Sucker Punch was born! This Play is real simple, it causes 2 DMG to an enemy model, has a COST of 2 Influence or a GB, and has a range of 8”.

Harriet can throw out this Character Play reasonably reliably from the Playbook, or can just pay 2 Influence for it. It’s a nice, simple, reliable Play, but there’s a couple of things on the back of her card that really make it shine...

Hat’s Off


So first off, Harriet has kept Inspiring Hat from the original version of Harry. It makes a lot of sense, the Hat has passed on to a new bearer, but it’s still as inspiring as ever. Allowing other friendly models within 4” to spend 1 less MP to make momentous actions is an amazing ability, especially with the Engineer’s very good KICK attributes. This gives a lot of freedom for the Engineers to generate momentum AND still get to Dodge around, particularly if they receive the ball. This allows things like letting the Engineers walk forward, use their Character Plays, then Pass the ball to Dodge back out of enemy response, AND generate momentum while they’re at it!

The second Character Trait is called If You Can Dodge A Wrench…. The rule is the longest rule on her card, but the effect is very simple. When Harriet inflicts damage on an enemy, the enemy player loses possession of the ball-marker and you scatter the ball from their base. This is such a fun rule, representing her smacking an enemy player so hard they lose control of the ball! Coupled with Sucker Punch, this means Harriet has a VERY long threat (Sprint 9”, range 8”) in order to disrupt any plan that the enemy has that involves them having the temerity to use the ball. You can stop a goal run before it happens, you can stop an opposing Captain using a Pass to dodge into range to charge one of your important models, or you can knock the ball off an opposing player in order to snaffle it up with Harriet and reclaim it for the Engineers!

The final rule on Harriet’s card is also unique to her, it’s called Learn From the Best [Captain]. This means that if Harriet begins her activation within 4” of a friendly Captain, she gets to use a Character Play without spending Influence once during her activation. This is particularly cool with Ballista, since if she stays within 4” of him and hits an enemy model with Sucker Punch, she’ll have caused 2 DMG to an enemy model AND generated a Momentum, without any Influence spent. And she generates 2 Influence, which makes her a fundamentally efficient model. This is also great because your opponent will definitely forget this rule sometimes, and leave the ball a little too close to Harriet, cue her surprise-punching an enemy player and forcing them to drop the ball!

In summary, Harriet is a varied model who can do a lot on any given turn. She can put out damage at range or in melee, she can reduce enemy model’s TAC, and she can Sucker Punch people so they lose possession. Oh and she can do a lot of this for free! She’s a classic Engineer, with a varied playstyle that lends itself to goals or take-outs and gives the team a lot of options.

Let us know what you think of Veteran Harriet on our social media and forums, and if you think she looks good, the New Alliances box is up for pre-order here!