End of Beta Test | Beta Test

Hey all!

For the last three weeks we’ve had a number of beta rules in public playtest. We periodically do public tests like this to throw ideas out and see how people respond. Frequently those rules then show up later, perhaps in another form, but the public beta tests are critical to how we test and experience those rules.

For the first two rules we’ve been testing, the feedback has been overall extremely positive for the intent. Part of what we’ve done over the last few weeks is test different versions of these rules in order to find out where the ‘boundaries’ of the rules lie; what’s too much or too little. A big part of game development is figuring out what changes are too much, and sometimes surprising yourself by finding out that a change you thought was too much is in fact just perfect.

We threw out a third rule last week, basically because we wanted to see feedback to the intent.

While a lot of people were very negative about the rule (and rightly so, it didn’t entirely fix the problem it was intended to fix, and created other problems), some saw the intent and were reasonably positive and suggested alternative wordings or methods of fixing the rule.

The Dev Team have been following all of the discussions, chats, angry emojis, and in-depth points people have been making over the last few weeks with great interest. We originally said that this playtest would run until the 2nd of August, but in all honesty, we think we’ve gotten what we need from the public process. As a result, we are ending this Public Beta test today, one week early.

The Dev Team would like to thank absolutely everyone who has contributed, played games, tested the rules, or even just idly chatted about the options they bring to the game. Engagement with things like this is just wonderful to see, and it makes us really happy. Furthermore, these rules have been extremely well received. We’re going to work on these more internally.

Once again, thank you very, very much. We love all of you, and we’d especially like to thank the

Pundits for reporting feedback to us. All of you folks rock.

Dev Team out. Have a lovely weekend!

(P.S: We’ll be back pretty soon... )