Corbelli Reveal | Guild Ball

Welcome back Guild Ballers! This has been a super exciting time running down the next set of Guild Ball captains! Last time we took a look at a corker of a captain, who’s name also happens to be Corker. Missed it? Check it out here.

This time we’re looking at the Ace Striker himself, Corbelli! Possessed of a steely determination and the best hair in the entire game, Corbelli runs his team based on the teachings of Honour, sharing the captaincy with Hammer.


Follow The Leader

So first off, Corbelli has a pretty fantastic statline. A 2” melee zone, good MOV stats, 3+/2 defensively, and a FIVE dice KICK? Holy moly, what a lad! Yep, Corbelli has the first native five dice KICK in Guild Ball. Feast your eyes. He’s an absolute beast of a football player.

His playbook is similarly strong, with a momentous Tackle and dodge on 1, a double dodge or 2 DMG on 2, and a push/dodge on 3. As with most Masons, the top end of his playbook is less exciting, with a non momentous KD on 4, and a 3 DMG waaaay up on the top end at 5. Corbelli can really do whatever you need him to at any given point, although it’s worth pointing out that as a TAC 5 model, he doesn’t love high ARM teams, or opponents who’re standing in cover.

On the old Character Play front, Corbelli has a wide array of abilities, but they all have a pretty common theme. Acrobatic allows him to make a 2” dodge, always helpful for the striker on the go who just needs that extra couple of inches of move to make it into goal range. Dummy Pass is a brand new character play for him, and it’s super sweet. It targets another friendly model and lets them make a 4” dodge. This is cool cause normally you’d use a teamwork action with the ball to make a friendly model make a 4” dodge, and it’s really neat to represent Corbelli making a Dummy Pass to help another friendly model dodge. It’s also range 8” cause that’s the range of his KICK!

Finally, Towering Presence is a rule that lets other friendly models within 4” of Corbelli spend 1 less MP to use Pass and Move or make a Snap Shot. This is super cool, since much like Harry the Hat’s aura, it can allow friendly models to move around freely from passes, and lets you bank the momentum too! The reduced cost on Snap Shots is also great just in case Corbelli himself can’t quuuuuuite make it into range for a shot himself, he can pop up Towering Presence and pass the ball off for a 1 MP Snap Shot!


Reading The Game

Corbelli’s footballing game isn’t just borne out by the front of his card, it’s reflected very strongly on the back. First off, he has Close Control, a footballing staple. You better believe he’s good at keeping the ball safe from enemy models!

Corbelli’s next trait is another unique one, and it’s really super cool. Whenever a friendly model declares a pass, before choosing a target, another friendly model can make a 4” dodge. This provides the Mason’s Guild a huge potential to move around and reposition, especially because the model who dodges doesn’t have to be the eventual target of the pass! While Corbelli’s team has possession of the ball they become hyper mobile, which can help them score goals, but can also help them set up for take outs, since the Masons are still predominantly a team which wants to win by scoring 2 goals and 2 takeouts. Corbelli can definitely up that to 3 goals if the opportunity is there, but the Masons themselves can always pivot to getting a couple of takeouts if the opposing team is hiding the ball particularly efficiently.

That said, hiding the ball against Corbelli is actually pretty difficult, partially because of his Legendary Play. Playing the Game allows Corbelli to choose a model in possession of the ball or a free ball within 6” and immediately take possession. This one use ability is a powerful tool on Corbelli’s belt, and makes it that bit more difficult for the opposing team to hide the ball away nastily where Corbelli’s team can’t get to it and score with it.

The toolbox Corbelli brings opens up a playstyle for the Masons which has been a little neglected of late. Masons have, for the last few releases, had their ‘protective bubble’ style play supported, which aids their defensive and take out game, but Masons are intended to be the quintessential 2/2 Guild, and their football game has been a touch ignored, despite having Flint and Honour/Harmony Linked shenanigans. We’re hopeful Corbelli will breath new life into the Masons footballing game, and we’re confident he’s gonna be a popular model!

If you like the look of this Ace Striker, Corbelli will be pre-released at Salute (Booth TD12) in London on April 6th, and will go up on the SFG webstore on April 8th to pre-order.

Join us tomorrow when we’ll be revealing Rivet, the Ironsoul!