Painting Vanessa | Critical Role

Bidet Critters! We’ve prepared our model and primed it too. Now we’re ready to paint the Vanessa miniature! For this tutorial Army Painter paints were used. When using Army Painter be sure to shake them very well and when you squirt them out onto your pallet mix them with a wet brush before applying them to your model. I recommend their Regimental Brush as well, it is what was used to paint this whole miniature.

First Layer:
Apply Your Base Colors

Skin: Grimoire Purple
Undershirt: Angel Green
Pants: Necromancer Cloak
Cloak/boots: Oak Brown
Gloves/straps: Leather Brown
Buckles and daggers: Gun Metal

To help keep things clean and tidy, work from the innermost details moving outwards. To achieve good coverage over the black primer each color will take at least two thin coats of paint. This applies to all of the colors above except the Oak Brown on the boots which was only applied once. This was done so that some of the black will still show through the brown and give the boots a darker leather look then the coat.

Second Layer:
Brighten Your Base Coat

Pants: Uniform Grey
Skin: Orc Blood
Coat: Leather Brown
Gloves/Straps: Desert Yellow
Hair: Lightly edge with Uniform Grey

For this layer of paint you will work from innermost to outermost details in order of the listed paints listed above. This layer will not need two coats, because you have established a good solid basecoat. The only exception to this maybe the Orc Blood on the skin as the purple is transparent. For the Hair gently use the edge of the brush with just a small amount of Uniform Grey on the brush and lightly brush it along the upper most edges of the hair. If you make a mistake on the hair not just go back over it with some thin black to tone it down.

Third Layer:
Applying Some Washes

Skin and hair: Flesh Wash
Rest of Model: Dark Tone Wash

Washes are an amazing tool for painting, they help to tie your model together nicely, and are very easy to use. Mix them well but don’t water them down too much or they can dry badly. Apply the washes over the model. if you apply to much simply rinse your brush, dry it off, and then use it to wick up the excess wash from the model.

If you are happy with your model at this point feel free to stop after the wash has dried. But if you want to try your hand at some simple edge highlights to help your model pop on the tabletop then proceed to the next step.

Final Layer:
Edge Highlights and touch ups

Skin: Warlock purple
Edge Highlight: Skeleton Bone
Buckles and Daggers: Plate Metal
Cleanup Base: Black

For the face use the sharp edges, such as the brow, the chin, the lips, and the nose to help you highlight it without getting paint into the crevasses. Edge highlighting is a fairly easy and quick way of adding some pop to your models. Use a damp brush with most of the paint removed. Very gently and at a crossed angle to the line you are painting brush along the edge. Take your time and steady your hands well, it can take a few strokes of the brush to get the desired effect.


If you plan to use this Miniature for gaming it is a good idea to seal it with either a spray on sealer or Army Painter Anti-Shine. Always test your sealer before applying it to your miniature to make sure it doesn't cure frosty. Alternately there are brush on options as well.


Finishing Touches

And there you have it a nicely painted Vanessa model. You can leave her base black if you like or if have basing materials to hand you can add some color to her base to help her slightly dark paint job pop on the tabletop. Used below is a pummel past which is applied with a sculpting tool or coffee stirrer then allowed to dry. After it’s dry it was washed with strong tone wash and flesh tone wash. Finally, we added some small grass tufts to finish the model off.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these articles and would love to see your painted minis! If you’ve taken the plunge and painted them already then share them with us on Twitter using the #CrittersPaint hashtag and you may see your model on the SFG Blog!