Alternate Piper Model Announcement


This year, to help support our local game stores we launched an initiative to supply limited edition model releases only available to retail that were available alongside our major releases.

The program has been hugely successful...far greater than we anticipated. Although we have been increasing our orders after each release to meet demand we have still faced a shortfall for our UK customers that was identified this week.

We apologise for our UK players and retailers who have been affected by this and will get our Alt. Piper model slightly later than launch. The Alt. Piper models have arrived in today at our warehouse and will start to be assembled and sent so stores will have them this weekend/early next week.

No one likes delays - us included. The fact that this initiative has garnered so much support from local game stores and has assisted in growing Guild Ball throughout the world is still amazing news for the health of the game.

- Rich Loxam, Founder & CEO