Announcing: Deep-Cut Studios Licensing Partnership

Company Logo 1.jpg

Following on from the blog which announced our new partnership with All Rolled Up at the end of last week, comes another exciting announcement for the followers of Guild Ball’s supporting products!

Those who were fortunate enough to have attended Salute and come to see us may have seen something new, lingering in the shadows and darker corners of the booth!

We are thrilled to announce a new licensing partnership agreement with Deep-Cut Studios - an excellent neoprene mat producer based in Lithuania. They have already produced for us a fantastically detailed Ratcatcher’s Guild themed neoprene Guild Ball mat, which was available last weekend at Salute, a graphical image of which is shown below:

Rat Mat Graphical Artwork.jpg

Fans who were fortunate to have picked up one of these from Salute have all said how brilliantly detailed it is and would be an excellent addition for any new Ratcatcher's Guild Coach, seeking to make a name for themselves on the Pitch.

We're sure you’d agree that the mat is so good that you can almost smell the rancid vapours rising from the sewers below.  Suitably evocative of our very own Ratcatcher’s Guild, no?

Deep-Cut Studios’ website can be viewed here:

The Ratcatcher’s Guild themed mat is available to purchase from Deep Cut Studios, and from our own Webstore.

Deep-Cut have already started working on the Falconer’s Guild themed mat design and will be working hard to create new designs for all the other guilds as well over the coming months – making sure no guild is left out!

Which guild’s mat can’t you wait to see be brought to life?