Broken Toad’s Piper Comes to Town

Broken Toad Logo.png

Following on from the acclaimed release at SteamCon 2017, of the Angel and Salt bust and their launch item of Veteran Rage back in March of last year, Broken Toad’s newest offering is released this month alongside the Ratcatcher’s Guild, Paying the Piper boxset. 

This latest contribution to Broken Toad’s range of exquisitely cast busts, is none other than the master ratcatcher himself Piper.  Crafted in the finest resin, the piece depicts Piper playing his flute as his furry friends scutter about his shoulders, skulls of those unfortunate enough to meet their end by his hand his waist.

The level of detail that goes into the bust is quite staggering as is shown by the pictures below;

This excellent addition to any Sportfans collection is available for sale now from Broken Toad’s webstore here, and our webstore here.

Work on the next addition to the range has already begun, is sure to get any red-blooded Guild Ball fan’s juices flowing…

Who do you think the next bust will depict? Which bust would you like to see produced by Broken Toad?  Let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen!