Kami, Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

Kami was a kind soul from Numa who came over to join the Free Cities Draft against the wishes of her family, purely because she loves Guild Ball. She gained some notoriety during the Draft  for bringing her pistols to games and using them to great effect to puncture the ball and confuse and distract enemy players (c’mon, she’s not allowed to use ‘real’ ammo, that’s a bit much even for GB games!).  [Giblin: Can someone suggest that to Chaska?]


Rootin’ Tootin’ Sharpshootin’ 

So let’s take a look at Kami. She has some quality stats, with an extremely high MOV and a good DEF of 5+. Her KICK is 3/6”, so while she’s reasonably accurate, she’s not got a particularly long distance. Her TAC of 4 is low, but hey, she’s a gunslinger not a thug! 

Secondly, let’s look at this playbook. Weird huh? Kami is the first model in the game with no damage on her playbook, none whatsoever! This gives us some really cool potential design space we can move into in the future, and it’s just something interesting we can do to experiment with. Her first column is good, with a momentous Tackle and a momentous Dodge, but apart from that her playbook is a little plain, up to the non-momentous GB result on column 4. That’s a weird place for a non momentous GB result on a TAC 4 model…. Hmm. Wonder if there’s a reason for that? 

Her character plays begin to shed some light on this, with her Chemical Ordnance proving to be a pretty cool rule. It’s triggerable on the playbook with a GB symbol, and it inflicts 1 condition damage and either burning or poison on an enemy model within 6”. That’s pretty tasty, but seems like it’s kinda bad for how high it is on her playbook…

Her second character play was hinted at in the Free Cities Draft campaign, it’s Kill the Ball. This is a very useful play that allows her to remove the ball from the pitch and perform a goal kick. This is a good way for the Alchemist player to get the ball back in play if it’s been hidden away by the nasty opposing team trying to stop you scoring goals!  


Kami Get Your Gun 

Ahah! So finally Chemical Ordnance makes sense. Kami’s brand new Deadeye rule allows her to add a non-momentous GB trigger to every successful attack she makes, meaning that if she’s tackling the ball or dodging around, she gets to throw out some conditions and a touch of damage while she’s at it. She also has Anatomical Precision, which makes her TAC of 4 make a bit more sense, since she can ignore a point of ARM every time she makes an attack.

Her final rule is Elusive, showing off her incredible agility as she slips and slides around the opposition! She can remove the burning or poison condition from another model within 4” (friendly or enemy) and then place herself in base contact with that model. This is phenomenal for moving her around the pitch extremely quickly, and particularly for getting to the ball, snagging it, and either passing it back or scoring with it! 

So there we go, Kami is a cracking model for moving around, scoring goals, and controlling the ball. She’s a super flexible model with a lot of great uses. If you’re keen on adding this gunfighter to your lineup, you can order her here.