A Closer Look Inside Kick Off!

Chances are you've already discovered why Guild Ball coaches can't wait for November 25, 2016 to hurry up and arrive. But in case you're late to the party, November 25 marks the release of Kick Off!, the brand-new introductory set from Steamforged Games for the core Guild Ball experience. (If this is news to you, you really need to sign up for our newsletter!) So far, we have teased the contents (and even spoiled some Season 3 changes in the process), so now it's time to take a closer look at all of the amazing components found within this set.

As Mat mentioned earlier todayKick Off! was designed to be a self-contained introductory experience that anyone—regardless of skill level—could pick up and enjoy. So if you want to understand this set, you just need to remember one thing: anyone can pick it up and play. Now, playing a game and having fun while playing it are two entirely different things, and we put a lot of effort into making sure Kick Off! delivers on the latter. 

We chose bright, vibrant art and a very strong "board game" feel (in terms of presentation and contents) to make it accessible to anyone who loves to play games. So you don’t have to be a “miniature wargamer” to enjoy this set. You don’t even need to have a single game of Guild Ball under your belt for it to be a great experience. All you need to do is pick up a copy of Kick Off!, find a friend, and hit the pitch!


Speaking of the pitch, we chose to use a traditional fold-out composite printed cardboard that you would find in any board game. Why? Because we wanted Kick Off! to have the highest quality pieces (no paper fold-out mats here!), and because it let us create a pitch that was incredibly versatile. The Kick Off! board actually comes in two separate fold-out pieces: the first creates the 2ʹ x 2ʹ practice pitch common for small-scale games, while the second section builds off the first to create the full 3ʹ-board for matches with full-team action! The board is also double-sided, featuring a new piece of Masons- and Brewers-themed artwork on the first side and a standard Guild Ball pitch on the other (pictured above).



Kick Off! comes with three full sheets of standard board-game punch-out card tokens, and they give players everything they need to get started immediately. To make it easy to keep track of who's in the lead, we've included victory point trackers for each player. And two of the token sheets are exclusively Mason- and Brewer-themed, which means you get Guild-specific influence tokens as well as Character Play tokens! The third sheet gives players two full sets of cardboard measuring widgets and templates because who wants to share! A small sample of these tokens are pictured above.



To redefine industry expectations for introductory products, we wanted to move away from the standard combination of card sleeves and dry erase markers for tracking damage. Instead, we designed awesome damage dials that are custom built for each player! That’s right—no more getting your fingers covered in dirty marker smears! Now, you just spin a dial! Out of all the Kick Off! features, these babies are staff favorite. In fact, we love 'em so much, we'll be covering them in greater detail in a future article. So stay tuned for more information!



No game is complete without some terrain! While we are certainly looking into the ability to produce 3D terrain in the future, it didn’t really fit the needs of this set. But we had to include terrain templates since learning how to use terrain in the game of Guild Ball is a fundamental skill that separates a rookie coach from a veteran. In Kick Off!, you will find 3 double-sided punch out terrain templates:

  • 1x 3" AOE — Rough ground and forest, double-sided
  • 1x  2"x1" Obstacle — Mason themed
  • 1x 2"x1" Obstacle — Brewer themed


Not only did we include terrain pieces with the game but we also included exclusive goal markers. These themed markers guarantee the crowd will always know which Guild to root for, no matter whose pitch you're playing on! 


We know everyone can't wait to hear more about the amazing mini’s that come with the set. And don't worry—we will be going into even greater detail about them in a future news article. For the time being, here's a sneak peak at the AMAZING packaging for the fully assembled Masons and Brewers teams included in Kick Off!

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