Welcome to the Free Cities

When Rich and I first started designing Guild Ball, we knew the game had to have massive appeal to all kinds of gamers, especially those new to tabletop gaming. So we designed Guild Ball to embody a philosophy of “fast, simple, and fun”—a philosophy I’m proud to say we’ve applied to Guild Ball’s first-ever two player starter set, Kick Off!

As you all know, the Steamforged team is dedicated to making Guild Ball the­­ best game out there. So when we started to explore what the Guild Ball starter set could be, we saw a huge opportunity to not only make Guild Ball better but to also show the industry something new and different. To keep things simple, fast, and fun, we brought the wargames experience to the board game format. As a result, coaches get the ideal starter set, one that gives two coaches everything they need to play Guild Ball right out of the box.

To deliver on this concept, we started with the models. For the best starter set experience, we needed models that would be game-ready straight out of the box—models that didn’t require glue or clippers and that looked brilliant with or without a fresh coat of paint. So we revisited the Brewer and Mason sculpts and designed single-piece versions for casting. Next, we partnered with one of the world’s best manufacturers of PVC miniatures to make high-quality models that would bring the Brewers and Masons to life. Obviously PVC isn’t as crisp as resin, but we worked hard at the technical development, and we’re over-the-moon with the details we’ve achieved on these paintable models! Stay tuned for a post later today that will feature a closer look at the contents of Kick Off!, including a sneak peek of the plastic models!

—Mat Hart