Steamforged Deals Favour & Fun at Spiel 2016

Kick Off! on display Thursday at Spiel. Come by today to see what's new!

Kick Off! on display Thursday at Spiel. Come by today to see what's new!

Spiel 2016 is well underway, and we’re having a fantastic time meeting veteran coaches and introducing new blood to the game of Guild Ball. If you’re at Spiel this week, don’t forget to see us in Hall 2 at booth C-122 to sit down and play some games with us. 

And for all the Ashen Ones out there who are more interested in Dark Souls: The Board Game, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll be running demos for it all event long. Swing by our stand for your chance to demo the game, but Prepare to die! You’ll get to agonize over Stamina & Damage as you struggle through combat and try to survive an encounter. Will you be more than a fading a flame? You’ve got to play to find out. (Note: Demos are limited to two players to give more attendees a turn.)

And for fans of the Free Cities, we've got plenty in store for you over the next three days. Not only do we have limited pre-release copies of Shadow Games available but we’ve also got Kick Off! on display for coaches interested in getting a closer look at the upcoming Guild Ball starter set. Rumour has is it that one lucky attendee could even win a copy in some sort of secret raffle? 

And now for those of you won’t be at Spiel and who only came here for more details on Season 3 and Kick Off!,  here’s what you’ve been waiting for…


Monday — It’s all about the mascots! Kick Off! does include a Mascot for both the Brewer's Guild and the Mason's Guild, so we’ll start off with a quick look at what has or hasn’t changed rules-wise for these fierce lil’ champions of Guild pride in Season 3 and then explore what it means for Kick Off!.

Wednesday More mascot love. After Monday’s rules discussion, it’ll be time to break out some actual examples, which means… Mascot card reveals!

Friday — We want Fridays to be all about the community and where you can expect to run into us, so we’ll kick start this tradition with some news regarding Organised Play and Events for 2016 and 2017.

So don’t forget to snag some of those Spiel exclusives this weekend while they’re in the Locker Room, and be sure to hit the pitch and play some Guild Ball!