Season 3 Rules Update: Mascots Part 2

Monday’s article kicked off mascot fever, which ended up being quite contagious—coaches from all guilds hit the forums to speculate and share their excitement. Clearly the VP change to mascot players coupled with their ability to return to the pitch was a huge revelation for every guild. Well, good news! Wednesday is finally here, which means it’s time for us to double-down and deliver with a closer look at some Mascots cards. Today’s line-up will look at four mascots: Fahad, Salt, Flask, and Princess. but before we dig into each mascot’s unique grit, let's discuss some of the changes these models share.

When we approached Season 3, we looked at all the models in Guild Ball and carefully considered each player's purpose and role for their team. We wanted to make sure we weren’t giving our coaches change for change’s sake. With this goal in mind, it became clear that some of the models didn’t need substantial changes—they were players who already had a clear role and impact on their teams. So we largely left these models as-is with the exception of applying global changes, like the change to the Icy Sponge rule. Many mascots and other models—like Hooper, who was shown off last week—also fall into this category.

Another general global change more specific to Mascot players was predicted by coaches after Monday’s article. These coaches speculated mascots would become easier to take out in Season 3 via reduced Health circles or DEF attributes. And it turns out, these speculations were more than just fever hallucinations! While there are still mascots whose identities are tied to being tough critters, most mascots have indeed had a slight adjustment to reflect the intended difficulty of a 1-VP take out versus a 2-VP take out.

With these changes in mind, let’s dig into card previews, starting with the untamed and always dangerous Hunter’s Guild!


Although Fahad’s only changes in Season 3 are the global changes we just described, the “midnight devil” is one of the mascots most impacted by coming back to the pitch. The Furious and Isolated Target traits combine to make Fahad one of the most dangerous mascots in the game. In Season 3, opposing teams will feel less like players and more like prey, as Fahad goes from being a tactical missile to being a reliable damage-dealer. Altogether, this means Hunter coaches no longer need to look for that one perfect opportunity to launch Fahad at a foe but can instead look for multiple opportunities throughout the game to trade his 1VP for an opponent’s 2VP.


In one sense, Flask has had the exact same Season 3 changes as Fahad—the alchemist’s automaton gave up 2 damage circles in exchange for the upgrades to the mascot core rules. But in another sense, the two couldn’t be more different. Sure, Flask will have more opportunities to use an aggressive Intensify, possibly even garnering an occasional take out, but it mostly amplifies the support capabilities his Smoke Cloud Trait will provide. Now that coaches don't have to sweat about permanently losing Flask during a match, Smoke Cloud moves from providing a bit of back-field cover to providing tactical flexibility and support for Smoke, Vitriol, or Mist.

Before looking at the last two mascots, it’s time to talk about another hot topic among coaches: Loved Creature. With the changes to Mascot players, a tweak to Loved Creature was nearly guaranteed. Many guessed that it would have the same effect as before but only occur once per game. After analysis, discussion, and playtesting, however, we’ve gone a different way. We’ve toned down the Loved Creature bonus, but it can now trigger every turn the Mascot takes even a single point of damage from an enemy model. 


Ah, Princess. She's the best friend a meathead could ask for. Already a great support and damage model, Princess gains a lot of the same benefits as Fahad. By trading in just 2 damage circles to set aside her “missile” status, she has become a more permanent threat. As noted on Monday, she can also support Boiler’s Assist trait turn after turn, and the new Loved Creature fits very well with a mascot who doesn’t mind sinking her teeth into the opposition.


Salt turned in just 1 damage circle for the Season 3 mascot upgrades, and “the rascal” got a secondary benefit to boot! As veteran coaches will quickly notice, Salt has received a change to the attribute bar: [+1/+0”] KICK, as is fitting for the Fishers’ mascot. Before anyone tries to sell this change short, they should note (SPOILER!) Jac still has Get Over Here! [Salt]. This gives Salt a truly massive goal threat range of up to 24” in a team with Jac! Spend just one momentum on bonus time, and Salt has nearly 90% accuracy to boot!

We know these changes will have many of you coaches rethinking your team compositions and playstyles to make the most of these beloved rapscallions for Season 3. Ultimately, they bring a wonderful array of extra abilities and traits to the field for their teams—abilities that no longer leave the pitch permanently after a single take out! We’ve unleashed the tactical potential for these players like never before, so now the choice is yours. Tell us how you plan to make the most these mascots out on the pitch for Season 3!

We’ll be back Friday with a slight change to our schedule. We’ve got one more piece of news related to Mascots. Until then, let the fever consumer you! #MascotFever