Organised Play: Captain, My Captain!

Whether you’re a veteran or rookie, your coaching experience is our primary focus. That’s because we believe Guild Ball should be a thrilling game that lets you connect with coaches from all over the world and have a great experience, no matter how many matches of Guild Ball you have under your belts! We’ve been given another exciting opportunity to put this into action with new Guild Ball Organised Play formats, which we’ll be introducing over the coming months. These formats will give you entirely new ways to experience Guild Ball, as each format is designed to encourage coaches to discover a unique element of fun that you can only find in Guild Ball.

The first of these, Captain, My Captain!, is a fantastic format that will mix up Guild loyalties by switching around a coach’s captain every round. And we’re not talking about captains from the same Guild, Guild lines will be crossed and in the cutthroat world of the Empire of the Free Cities, this is just unheard of!

Just imagine the roar of the crowd as the Hunter’s Guild is led onto the field by the Master Butcher, instead of Theron! Suddenly, models like Jaecar and Seenah would become absolutely unstoppable, taking out anything in their way. If you were unlucky enough to be on the opposite side of the pitch, how would you deal with Ox being able to stack The Owner and Get ‘Em Lads! on Seenah?! That sounds very messy.

And how about the crazy ways in which Pin Vice could get the Fisherman’s Guild to move the ball all over the pitch, via her Heroic and Legendary Plays? That combination could be unstoppable! We don’t doubt that with the aid of the Artificer Queen, the Fisherman’s Guild could move the ball from right by their own goal all the way up to their opponents’ in the blink of an eye! The tactical possibility of that pairing doesn’t stop there either— considering adding sequential activations and extra speed! The Fisherman would be more slippery than ever.

Of course, there are plenty more wacky combinations waiting for you. How about Tapper heading up the Mortician’s Guild? He’d be able to offer Cosset or Ghast extra TAC and damage and threat range, thanks to Commanding Aura and Marked Target. Surely that one would get the stands going! Or perhaps Obulus leading the Alchemist’s Guild would be more your style. Forcing opposing models to Jog through dangerous alchemical effects could be quite satisfying...

We know that all coaches have eyed another Guild’s captain before and wondered, “what if?” Well, this is your chance to find out!

Captain, My Captain! has been designed to be an exciting and novel way to play Guild Ball. Coaches get to experience the challenge of using brand-new combinations of models that have never hit the pitch before. Coaches playing this format are sure to walk away with tall tales of wild plays and strategies.

Recommended for anywhere between 8–32 coaches, Captain, My Captain! only requires a coach to pick a Guild, and bring a Mascot and four other non-Captain models with them. Unlike our other Organised Play formats, there are no painting requirements for Captain, My Captain! At the start of every round, each coach will be given a randomly selected Captain model to use during that round of the event. And it really could be anyone—so prepare to discover all sorts of new and exciting combinations!

Can’t wait to try Captain, My Captain!? Steamforged Games’ own convention, SteamCon, will be hosting a huge variety of events including your first chance to compete in the Captain, My Captain! format. Taking place in Leeds, UK on the 25th–27th November, SteamCon is the go-to event of the year for fans of Guild Ball. Whether you want to compete in the World Championship, experience new ways to enjoy your favourite game, play casual games against new people all weekend, or to meet the Steamforged game designers, you’ll get to completely immerse yourself in all things Steamforged!

For our US & Canadian fans, a 16-coach Captain, My Captain! event is also being held as part of the Adepticon Guild Ball: Winter Warm-Up! This event is coming up quickly, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest information so you don’t miss out.

We’ll next back next week, with more Guild Ball news & Organised Play updates!