Organised Play: Doubling Down

Welcome back Guild Ballers! Today we’re going to explore another of our new organised play formats, Guild Ball Doubles!

This is a thrilling new format that we’ve wanted to do for a while! It’s a really cool, fun take on Guild Ball. Instead of constructing a team normally, you and a friend each bring 3 non-[Captain] models and combine them to play a game of Guild Ball. The two mini-teams can be from different Guilds, allowing for some awesome combinations!

Guild Ball is a great experience to share with a mate already, and this lets you double the fun and play with three friends instead of one! ! Guild Ball Doubles is a format with multiple ways to win, with a focus on cooperation and fun, each pair of coaches can win a number of different prizes, like Best Dressed Team, Best Team Theme, and Best Painted. Cool prizes like this are a great way of encouraging everyone to play!

The focus is very much on co-operation, teamwork, and camaraderie, working together with your mates to come up with the most fun combos you possibly can! More than this, is gives veteran Coaches a chance to team up with newer coaches and show them the ropes as the game progresses, letting them experience more Guilds in the same number of matches.

How it works is that while each Player’s models generate their own Influence and work independently, they can apply buffs to all friendly models, including those under the control of the other Player on your team! This opens up some really great combos! Imagine Kraken Dragging in an enemy model in for Boar to go and smash! Or Jaecar snaring an enemy model, and putting Gut and String on them, before Stave pulls them in with Lob Barrel and Hooper just deletes them from the Pitch since they’re at [-3] DEF and knocked down!?

Or how about Boiler giving Velocity [+1] DEF so after Nimble she can be effectively DEF [7+] with Close Control? Good luck stopping her getting into perfect goal scoring position!

There are a huge number of options available for coaches keen to team up and take on the world! Chat about it on our social media and our forums, and let us know if you can think of a particularly awesome combo!

If you think this format sounds fun, and you want to give it a try, then the first place you’ll be able to try it out is at our very own convention, SteamCon! Remember that SteamCon tickets are only on sale until this Sunday (13th November) so if you’re still on the fence, you only have a couple of days to get your ticket to the FIRST ever SteamCon! Tickets are available here.

If, unfortunately, you can’t make it to SteamCon because of all the nasty oceans in the way, you can try out this format for the first time at Adepticon in Schaumberg, Illinois on the 23rd of March next year!

Have a good weekend, folks!