A Guild Divided: Butcher’s Civil War

The world of Guild Ball is a cutthroat and deadly place. Victory on the pitch grants more than wealth and power—it often determines who lives and dies. With so much on the line, it is quite common for internal disputes to break out on the pitch. But at their worst, these disputes can become conflicts that spread between Guild houses and officials across the Empire of the Free Cities, and ignite the embers of war. And Fillet’s new role as captain has birthed such a conflict. The loss of the Master Butcher, the former patriarch and team captain of the Butcher’s Guild, set in motion a chain of events that has left the Butcher’s Guild fractured, facing Civil War. At the heart of it all are two fearsome women: Brisket and Fillet.

Brisket can no longer tolerate the sight of Fillet leading a team that is not rightfully hers and has been compelled to act. Leading the members of the Master Butcher’s ‘Old Family,’ Brisket has started a revolt to restore honour to the Master Butcher’s legacy. But Brisket’s rebellion is not only an act of war against her own captain and the teammates who support her, but also the Guild itself.

Fillet, however, is not so weak willed as to stand idly by and watch this happen. She has gathered her own allies, even approaching other Guilds for support, as she plots to quash these rebellious traitors with whatever means necessary. Because for the Butcher’s Guild, there is only one recourse and punishment for disloyalty…


And now, it’s time for you to decide which side you support: Brisket or Fillet? Not a Butcher? Doesn’t matter! All Guilds will be drawn into the bloody and shadowy intrigue of the Civil War!


To participate and vow your allegiance to a side, just play a match of Guild Ball and submit the results using this online form. Win or lose, your favour still holds sway, so vote for the side you want to win. New story pieces will be unlocked each week as the war progresses, so keep checking back and reporting your games!

The Butcher Civil War is Guild Ball’s first global campaign that lets coaches influence the direction and story path of not only our characters but also the Butcher’s Guild itself. Why is pledging your allegiance in the Civil War important? Because your games will help decide the outcome of the strife between Brisket and Fillet in a truly meaningful way that will impact the whole world of Guild Ball. So whether you don’t want to see your favourite Butcher suffer or you have an axe to grind with either Fillet or Brisket, the Civil War is your chance to act. Don’t leave it up the vagaries of fate—there is too much at steak!

If you joined the pitch in Season 2 and wanted to know more about the exciting backstory to Season 1 and the fate of the Master Butcher, then we have all our Season 1 lore available to read online here or from our resources page.

The Civil War will run globally until Thursday 24th November, which means there is plenty of time for you to arrange games and get your team ready for the pitch. If you’re attending SteamCon, you’ll be able to influence the outcome of the Civil War via the Empire Big League Campaign! This campaign will be running throughout the weekend and will serve as the final deciding point in the Butcher’s Civil War, so you should pick up your tickets now if you haven’t already.

Check back on Friday for more information about SteamCon and the start of Guild Ball Season 3!