SteamCon 2016 Recap & Season 3 Player Cards!

We had an absolutely stonking time gaming, chatting, and just generally hanging out with such a huge number of genuinely awesome people this weekend at SteamCon. This event was an absolute blast that proved just how lucky we are to have such a passionate and amazing community. We are truly, truly grateful to everyone who could be there and everyone who tuned in online! Here’s a quick recap of the event’s biggest news.


Steamforged staff hosted the first-ever playthrough of Dark Souls: The Board Game, where they died and died some more! The party killed grunts, upgraded gear with precious souls, failed miserably at dodging, and were defeated by the Titanite Demon. Over the weekend, we ran a total of 22 playthroughs for our attendees over the weekend, the majority of which were totally booked out! If you missed it, don’t worry. We’ll have a recording of the stream online once it’s been approved by Bandai Namco.



We also crowned the very first ever Guild Ball World Champion, Tim Wichniowski, whose Morticians took down, Jordan Nach's Morticians in a nail biter of a game! We saw two different styles of Mortician play with some daring attempts on goal with heavily reduced dice pools from Tim, and carefully constructed take-outs and an ill-fated final attempt on goal from Jordan to seal the game.  All the games in the World Finals were streamed live, and will be up shortly for your viewing pleasure.


One major highlight of the weekend was the Steamforged Keynote, during which we announced our plans for the year ahead, including revealing some of the Farmer’s Guild and showing off some cool stuff for our new game! The Key Note is currently being edited to include High Res images of all our amazing new products, when it's ready it will be linked here but in the mean time subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be the first to see it.

We also launched Guild Ball Season 3 this weekend. This was the culmination of months of work, and we are extremely proud of this next evolution of the game! We are very pleased to announce that you can download all the brand-new Season 3 Player Cards and the Season 3 core rules from our resources page on our website: Share your new strategies, reactions, and questions on our forums in this official post.

As a reminder, any tournaments run between now and the 25th of January may use either Season 2 or Season 3 rules. We’re leaving it up to tournament organizers (TOs) to decide what’s best for their own area.

Finally, here’s a bunch of the coolest pictures from the weekend, let us know if you spot yourself! We’ll be back on Friday with an update on some upcoming events.