SteamCon Just Got Steamier: Season 3 Launch & Event Schedule

We’ve heard your questions about Season 3 and SteamCon, so today’s post will walk you through exactly how Season 3 will be launched at SteamCon and outline what you can expect to find at this celebration of all things Steamforged.

Let’s start with the basics. SteamCon starts 25 November, 2016 and runs through the 27th—*gasp* that’s only three weeks away—and will be at Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Each day will host a slew of events that range from seminars to competitions, along with one last chance to influence the Butcher’s Civil War while you earn points for awesome prizes. But the most exciting part of SteamCon is that it will give attendees the chance to be the first to experience Season 3 of Guild Ball (as well as Dark Souls, but more on that later).

It all starts Friday night with a word from Mat Hart during the SteamyCon Mixer, who will discuss the general design philosophies that inspired and guided the changes you’ll see in Season 3 and review any lingering secrets. This is to prepare everyone for the sheer excitement of what comes next…

Saturday morning, the Season 3 Player Card Deck will be available for exclusive purchase in the SteamCon store along with copies of Kick Off! (Note: These items will ONLY be available for purchase from the store at the SteamCon event, not the SFG online store.) Yep. You read that correctly. SteamCon attendees will be the first to share the remaining secrets of Season 3 with the community with this exclusive early release. So, for anyone who can’t make it, you’ll want to keep a close eye on Facebook and Twitter for heaps of spoilers! We’re even hosting events throughout Saturday and Sunday that use Season 3 rules to give everyone a great way to start exploring new strategies on the pitch.

And for anyone who is unable to attend, don’t worry. Free digital versions of the new Season 3 Player Cards as well as the Season 3 Rulebook will go live on Monday (28 November) to the global Guild Ball community. As soon as they’re available, we’ll spread the word so you can start experiencing the next evolution of Guild Ball. The regular release of Season 3 Player Cards will still be 20, January 2017 along with the brand-new models for the Brewers & Masons: Granite & Pintpot.

We also just updated the SteamCon event page with links to the schedule and event descriptions, so you can start planning your convention experience now! Here are a couple highlights from each day that you will not want to miss:


Dark Souls: The Board Game – Open Play

The thrill of making your way from a fresh Bonfire to take on the formidable Titanite Demon is an experience reserved for only the boldest unkindled. And at SteamCon, that could be you. Be one of the first players on the planet to experience a run through of Dark Souls the Board Game during this continuous event that runs Friday through Sunday. We’ll have two tables that will open following the ‘Dark Souls: The Board Game – Live Staff Playthrough’ [which will be livestreamed to the world!]. Each table will see 4 players exploring the game with a member of SFG staff guiding them. Tables will be booked in advance, and this booking will give you and your party a 2-hour slot to complete your run through. Will you restore your Embers or simply die trying? Gather your party, and press on through the ruins of Lothric to find out!


Shopping Area

Each day of SteamCon our onsite store area will be open from 8am – 5pm. Here you will be able to find all your con exclusives and even look at games and products created by friends of Steamforged Games Ltd. Along with all our other fantastic products you will find:

  • Kick Off!
  • Brand-New Limited Edition Sculpts
  • Guild Ball Chibi Pins
  • Season 3 Player Card Decks (from Saturday onward)
  • Exclusive Show Deals
  • And more!

Social – SteamyCon Mixer!

You, me, Mat Hart, a bar—what stories will go untold? At SFG, we love every opportunity to connect with gamers over our shared passion for games. Come by, toast the new season, ask questions, and just have fun. Eventually, when enough tales have been told, Mat will be taking centre stage to talk to you directly about some of the changes we made to our Season 1 & Season 2 models and introducing you to some of the changes that we are the most excited about.


Seminar – Steamforged Games Keynote & Staff Q&A

Seminar – Design a Model, with Mat Hart

Hobby – Speed Painting Qualifier


Guild Ball – 8-Player World Championship Finals – SEASON 2

Guild Ball – 16 Player Regional Cup – SEASON 3

Hobby – Airbrushing Class

SteamCon Closing Ceremony

For the full schedule and all event descriptions, go to the SteamCon page right now. We’re all extremely excited about SteamCon and can’t wait to see you there. If you don’t have your ticket yet, there’s still time to purchase one here—but hurry! Ticket sales end November 13th.