Updated - Regional Cup Document

Hello Sports Fans!

We have updated our Official Regional Cup Document to include some exciting changes to the way you build your nine-model roster. We’ve made a change that will allow you to make the most of your model collection at tournaments, as well as giving you more flexibility when choosing which models you’ll be putting on the table.

Players may now select both ‘Original’ and ‘Veteran’ versions of a model in their line-up. For example, the Brewer’s Guild may now include Veteran Spigot and Spigot in the same roster, giving them the options of going down a more football orientated route, or allowing them to include ‘Tooled Up’ to push their damage output up the max.

Both of these models cannot be included on the pitch at the same time, of course, but this change opens up player choice, and increases the options available in your nine model roster.

Let us know what you think of the change to list building over on our forum in this thread and on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.