Are you upto the Tusk? - Godtear

In the update this week we have a few balance tweaks for you. If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the only cards you’ll need to update are:

  • Grimshalla 
  • Halftusk (new!)
  • Lorsain 
  • Shayle 

The rulebook document, scenario document, and the rest of your champions’ cards have not changed in this particular update.


We’ve seen feedback for Lorsain with the general feeling that she’s slightly out ahead of the other slayers so we’ve made an alteration to her ultimate, and her followers have seen a slight drop in damage to make the decision to group up or spread out a more impactful one. 

Feedback regarding Shayle has been positive but something about him doesn’t quite feel right so we’ve changed his trait back to one he had many versions ago to help free up his choices in the plot phase.

This week, we also introduce the rules for our guardian troll, Halftusk. We've now got 3 champions of each class in early access, allowing players to make a warband of any class combination they choose! Halftusk offers a very different spin on the guardian class compared to either Rhodri or Mournblade. Halftusk wants to be on the frontline with the Froglodytes in tow assisting him to protect his banner while he presses forward.

Halftusk can hand out boons to make himself or his allies more resilient to incoming skills, he can also regenerate wounds he has taken which offer some great synergy with his trait which grants him increased accuracy while at full health. All of this comes together in the clash phase with Halftusk’s One Punch, Two Punch combo which while at full health is extremely accurate!

So check out Halftusk and his Froglodytes, and be sure to let us know what you think!

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • What do you think of Halftusk and the Froglodytes? 
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on Halftusk? 
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on his Froglodytes? 
  • Do you have any feedback on the scenarios you’ve been playing lately? 
  • Do the 6 scenarios provide the right amount of variety? 
  • Do any of the scenarios provide gameplay experiences that are too similar (if so which ones)? 
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are currently too powerful and why? 
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are not powerful enough and why? 

Thanks, and have fun!