Flea, Brewer's Guild | Guild Ball

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Today, for no better reason than alphabetical Guild order, we’re gonna show you Flea! During the FCD campaign, it was revealed that Flea came from an old Farmer family, and indeed, he has quite an affinity with animals. He loves cats and dogs, and really any animal you can reasonably safely pet! In an interesting twist of fate, while Amber (a former Brewer) ended up with the Farmers, Flea ended up with the Brewers! Maybe we can all get along and be bestest friends and cooperative like good pals. 

Probably not though.


It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Flea has reasonably average stats for a Brewer, the big exception being his TAC of 4. He’s a reasonably gentle soul, is Flea, and he’d rather not hurt anyone too much himself! That’s also why he doesn’t have any momentous damage, since while he can hit people, he prefers not to. 

Apart from that his playbook is reasonably strong, of course it’s 1 column lower than his TAC. The nice result there is the momentous KD/Push on column 2 that allows him to push enemy models around as well as get them on the floor, perfect for his animal buddies to maul! (or push real far if we’re talking about Quaff). 

We can see this intent in his character play, with Go Get It! Allowing a target friendly Mascot to make an attack. This is essentially the character play Red Fury, which has been around since Season 2 on Veteran Rage, but it only works for Mascots. Flea isn’t particularly interested in making his teammates attack more often, just his furry pals. 


Pet (‘s putting ya in the) Sematary 

Truly awful, really very bad section heading aside, let’s look at what the back of Flea’s card looks like! All of his rules work with the Brewer mascots, to really push the flavour of this model, and show that he’s supposed to be a lovely lad who’s good with pets. I mean, the opposing team probably won’t think so, but his teammates will sure agree! 

First off, he has Assist with both Mascots, which makes him TAC 6 with +1 DMG if he’s attacking a model that’s engaged by either Mascot. That’s pretty tasty in itself, especially combined with Get Over Here! for both Scum and Quaff. Scum in particular is kind of hilariously fast now, what with both Friday and Flea having Get Over Here!. That cat is fast (which seems fair, actually, ever tried to catch one of those things?). 

The final rule on the back of his card is, of course, his Heroic. He is a Brewer, after all. The Heroic gives +2 TAC to a friendly Mascot within 4”. This means that Scum, with the Gang Up from Flea, can be TAC 7 with a 3 long playbook, and Quaff can be TAC 6 with a 2 long playbook. That’s….pretty nuts! Protip: Quaff can use Pick Me Up on himself for TAC 7!  Especially when combined with many of the other TAC buffs in Brewers (Commanding Aura for maximum value), Scum can do a really awful lot of damage, and Quaff can push someone about a hundred bajillion squillion miles (rough Dev Team estimate).

Well, we hope you’re all excited to get in and start killing people with Scum again (#murdercat4lyf)! Let us know what you think of Flea on our social media, and if you wanna pick up this Mascot buffing machine, you can pre-order him here.

We’ll see you tomorrow for a look at Nomad!