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It’s the final Navigator blog pals! It’s been a long road, but we’ve successfully navigated our way to the end of it now. Last week we showed off the mighty Gladiator Azimuth.

This week we’re looking an equally mysterious figure, Ebb, the Deepsworn! Ebb is an interesting character since many of his rules have interactions with the old gods of the Guild Ball setting. Or potentially they do. Like with many things in Guild Ball, we’ve kept anything to do with magic deliberately vague. Ebb MAY be blessed by the Lords of the Deep, hence his title Deepsworn. Or he may believe he’s blessed by the Lords of the Deep. Or maybe he doesn’t even believe in it but spends a lot of time telling everyone he’s blessed by the Lords of Deep. He’s certainly an attractive boy, but we realised after we got the art back that he looks like exactly like the kind of lad who hangs around bars showing off his tattoos and trying to impress women by telling them how he found religion when he was backpacking through Indar for six months. “Uh, like, you know, life’s just so much more meaningful there, but you wouldn’t understand.”

Buuuut he certainly exhibits some symptoms of an actual honest to goodness blessing. So who knows. There’s more in heaven and Guild Ball than is dreamed of in your philosophy, after all.

That somewhat rambly, god-based introduction aside, let’s get into the rules!

Who’s A Pretty Boy Den?


So a standard 1” melee zone kicks things off, pretty standard, and much of the rest of his statline is about average. A 7”/9” MOV is a standout stat, he clearly doesn’t skip leg day. TAC 4 would be poor in any other Guild, but is decent in Navigators, same with a 2/6” KICK. DEF 4+ and 12 HP is on the low end defensively, but ah, don’t worry, there’s more on that front to come.

His Playbook looks a lot like the rest of the Navigator Playbooks, which interestingly are almost the exact opposite of Mason Playbooks, which have all the momentous results on the bottom. He tackles on column 1, allowing him good access to the ball, and has a GB symbol on column 2 that we’ll talk about in a minute. Momentous 2 damage on column 3 is solid, and on his top column he has a momentous KD or a momentous tackle double dodge. Well, we did say the Navigators had a lot of tackle dodges, so here’s another one! He’s also another model with a KD, albeit high on the playbook, and momentous damage. Again, we want the Navs to be able to pick off a couple of weaker players if they need to go for a 2 goal/2 takeout playstyle, but it’s far from their main focus. They have a smattering of momentous damage, but not a plethora of it.

Getting into his Character Plays, he has two, both of which are unique to him. Smooth the Way is a cool little Play which isn’t useful all the time, but will sometimes be fantastic. It allows the target friendly model to sprint or charge over obstructions. Using obstructions to best effect is really useful on the pitch, but sometimes you want to both hide behind one to limit enemy engagements, AND then be able to sprint over it when the time comes. Well now you can! Again, not always going to be useful, but when it is, it’s a lifesaver.

Ebb’s second Character Play is in keeping with the nautical theme, and is called Sprung a Leak. This Play positions an AOE within range, and models hit suffer 2 DMG and -1 ARM. We’ve been talking throughout the Navigator release blogs about how they get hurt by high ARM teams more than most Guilds do, so we wanted to give them some tools to deal with armour. Sprung a Leak is a useful tool in the Navigator’s arsenal for when they’re fighting teams like Masons or Blacksmiths, which allows them to help get through that thick armour they’re wearing, and still access their top end Playbook results. It also does a bit of damage, just as a bit of an extra treat. The fact this Play can be triggered from the Playbook is really cool, meaning that you often don’t need to spend 2 Influence on it, you can just spend 1 and get it on an attack, which also means the Play hits automatically, nice!

Terrain, No More!


Ebb has three pretty simple Traits. Well, I say simple, simple to read, one of them is a touch more complex in application. We’ll go over the simple ones first. Obviously, he has Precise Calculations, the Navigator’s Guild Trait which gives them REROLLS. Next up, he has True Path, which might look familiar. Currently this rule is called Tilled Earth and is on Ploughman in the Farmer’s Guild. The name change is much like when we changed the name of Gluttonous Mass to Resilience; we want to be able to put the rule on a model where the name doesn’t currently fit. The name Tilled Earth works beautifully for Ploughman, but wouldn’t really work anywhere else. As a result, we changed the name of the rule to True Path.

This rule has a useful effect, allowing all friendly models within the aura to use Gliding for free. This, combined with Smooth the Way, means that Ebb is a powerhouse of terrain ignoring for the friendly team. He brings enormous flexibility, so the Navigators don’t ever really have to worry about terrain, whatever form it takes. This allows them to play around it, use it defensively to drain opponent’s MP, and then burst out using True Path and Smooth the Way to get them to where they need to be. In the background, Ebb often works as a pathfinder, guiding people through the roughest of ground, and seeking out new places and paths. We wanted to get this across on his card, hence him having two abilities which allow the friendly team to ignore terrain.

Ebb’s final rule is once which is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and goes some way to explaining his poorer defensive stats. Blessings of Old means he can’t suffer more than 2 damage from any action. So if Ox’s Legendary is up, and Boar charges Ebb under that, and the Owner, and Butchery, and wraps…2 damage. If Ebb is standing next to three of Veteran Minx’s Jawbone Traps and gets Pushed…2 damage, because the whole Push is an action so that whole action can only inflict 2 damage. If he gets hit by Veteran Katalyst, who selects a playbook result of 1 damage and Intensify…2 damage, because the whole attack action can only inflict 2 damage.

Now this is obviously much better against some teams than others. Teams like Blacksmiths and Butchers love hitting their enemies for a few big swings, doing 4+ damage per swing, and this is extremely good against them. Whereas a lot of teams like the Masons and Hunters are perfectly happy tapping you for 2 momentous damage each time they make an attack. Used correctly, this means Ebb can actually be pretty tanky, regardless of his relatively low health pool, and it’s a really cool way of representing his blessings from the Lords of the Deep. Someone’s looking out for the lad, certainly.

So there we have it, the whole Navigator’s Guild has been spoiled! If they look like a Guild you’d be interested in picking up, you can pre order them here!

And since that concludes the Navigators, guess we’ll need to find something else to show you guys next week! What are we gonna go with? Well next week we’re going to start showing the FIRST SEASON 4 CARDS! That’s right, next week will be your first chance to get a look at models that have changed from Season 3 to Season 4, and we’re going to be talking through our reasoning for making those changes. There is some real good stuff in there peeps, don’t miss it for the world. Happy Guild Balling, see you next week!