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Welcome back to the blog folks, we’re deep in Engineer country today! Sticking in alphabetical Guild order, today we’re getting into the Engineer’s Guild model, Nomad! 

Nomad is a lovely wee soul, with a penchant for wandering and music. He loves roaming around, making friends, and generally being a good egg. 

The Engineer’s Guild won him in the draft, and he found something of a father figure in Ballista, who’s taught him well. Let’s take a look at how he looks now! 


Sparking Up 

SO! Nomad has a 1” melee zone, and the pretty standard Engineer 4/6” KICK stat. He’s defense 5+ (it is rather difficult to pin him down, after all!) and other than that has a reasonably average statline. Nothing much out of the ordinary here. His playbook has a (again, standard Engineer) momentous Tackle on 1, and a push/dodge on column 2, which means he has a lot of movement capability. He doesn’t have great damage, although momentous 2 on column 3 does let him contribute just a little if he needs to. The only other result really worth mentioning is his momentous Tackle/push/dodge on column 5, an absolute beauty of a result if he manages to get all the way up to the top end of his playbook! 

Nomad also brings a brand new character play, called Spark. This inflicts 2 damage to the target, and additionally reduces their ARM by 1 for the remainder of the turn. This is super helpful for the Engineers if they need to bring down a heavily armoured target, or even just need to reduce ARM in order to better ensure they can grab the ball off an enemy model! This is a super cool unique play that fits into the Engineer playstyle really well. 

However, not a lot really making this model pop, eh? Well fear not, dear reader, the back of the card is wicked. 


Rover, Wanderer, Nomad, Vagabond

Oh boy, the theme! So much theme! Let’s break it all down. Nomad’s core identity is that of, well, a wandering soul, a gambler, someone who’s keen to roll the dice and see where life takes him. We’ve really gotten into this theme on the back of his card. 

First off, he has Goal of the Month, which means that when he rolls any double during a successful shot, he scores a screamer! With 4 kick dice base, he has really good odds of getting this every time he makes a shot, especially if you bonus time! We love the way this exemplifies his gamblin’ nature. 

And speaking of a gambling nature, Nomad’s next rule, Roulette, is right up there. We’re super happy with this rule name, since it’s both a gambling term AND a term from football for a flashy move. At the start of his activation he gets to choose one of the buffs listed and it applies until the end of his activation. He can choose a MOV, TAC, or KICK buff, all of which are pretty phenomenal, and help make his slightly average statline much more interesting. Choosing the right buff at the right time can make all the difference in getting the most out of this chap. (Note that we guess it’s not entirely accurate to call it Roulette, cause there’s no gambling element, but an early suggestion that this could be a random buff at the start of each activation made Bryce have to go have a cold shower to calm down, so we made it a choice.) 

Second to last, we have Unpredictable Movement, a rule that again exemplifies just how difficult it is to pin Nomad down. Try and catch him at your peril! This rule has been around since the earliest days of Guild Ball, so we don’t think we need to go into it too much here, but it’s a very strong defensive ability. 

Finally, and biggestly we have his Legendary Play, Wherever I May Roam. It’s no secret that the Dev Team (and especially Sherwin!) are big fans of classic metal, and this is a wee homage to the classic Metallica song, which actually partially inspired the background behind this character (incidentally, Bryce’s attempt to call him ‘Roamad’ was also shot down early in development). 

This legendary play allows Nomad’s controlling player to select a terrain piece within 4”, and place Nomad in base contact with the chosen terrain piece. This gives Nomad, at a rough estimate, a rudewordtonne of movement. He’s a quick boy, is Nomad, and truly expert at getting himself out of nasty situations. The uses of this are incredibly varied, he can get out of getting beat up, he can score goals, collect from the ball from far away, it’s a really awesome Legendary with a lot of viable uses which really feeds into the soul of this model. 

Thanks for reading everyone, we hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of Nomad, and if you feel like wandering over to our store and pre-ordering him, you can do that here.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our last Free Cities Draft model, Champ! See you then!