The End of the Beginning... | Godtear

Hey folks,

So, where to start… since early access began and the Kickstarter for Godtear launched, there have been a lot of great changes to the game. Fuelled by the passion and commitment of our fans, the development team has made huge strides to making the game something truly special.

Which leads us to now. Final layout and editing is in full swing as we ramp up towards getting everything production ready to get the game out to our backers and out there to retail world! This of course produces a huge volume of work for everybody involved in that process and lands us in a position where we need to switch gears, so to speak.

The versions of the cards, scenarios and rulebook that can be found here are the final versions to be used by players until they receive all their goodies. There may well be slight alterations from the cards you see here as the final steps of playtesting move forward, but we’re getting very close to the finished product now… as some of the images from the previous update show!

As we move forward, Kickstarter updates will be much more production focused showing images of how graphic assets, printed materials and, of course, the miniatures as we “cross the t’s and dot the I’s” on this project. This means updates will move to every other week, rather than every week as they have been up to this point.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing all of the shiny images with you as we move towards delivery of the project!