Champ, Mason's Guild | Guild Ball

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Hey there folks, it’s been an exciting week so far, since we’ve been showing off the last four Free Cities Draft Rookies, and we’re back with the last one today!

We’ve been building to this one all week, laying some solid foundations, and really getting ourselves level and planing the surface (sorry) [Giblin: NEVER apologise for puns]. It’s Champ, newly of the Mason’s Guild! Champ was the undisputed leader of the FCD rookies, a driven, determined woman with tactical nous and incredible ball skills. She’s a player who Honour could’ve been proud of, someone who’s as good at the game strategically as she is physically. 

The Masons, impressed by her phenomenal ability, snapped her up in the draft, and here’s her final version! 


Weeeee Are The Chaaaaaampioons! 

Champ has a strong statline right off the bat, with a 3+/2 ARM defensive profile meaning she can take a surprising punch for a predominantly ball focused model. Her MOV of 5”/7” is pretty slow, but not bad, and her 3/6” KICK is accurate but not overly long ranged. Her playbook is where things really start to get interesting, with a momentous Tackle/dodge on column 1, and a momentous push/dodge on column 2. Those are just phenomenal results, with the Tackle/dodge particularly being an exceptional tool. She has momentous 2 on column 3, allowing her to chip in some momentous damage if need be, and then at the top end, she has a Tackle/push/dodge on column 4, and a 3 damage/push/dodge on five, so she really can manoeuvre enemy models around the pitch and give them some real problems if she gets up to that top end of the playbook. 

These give her a lot of options, and her character play Hold the Ball, gives her even more! It allows a friendly model within 4” to gain Close Control for a turn, which can be a super useful defensive tool against a lot of the guilds in the game who want to get in and score fast goals against you. But the back of this model’s card is where she really starts to shine…


Situation Excellent, I Am Attacking 

So, three active character traits on the back here, let’s look at them! The first is a brand new trait, Put Me Back In, Coach!. This is a super cool ability which allows Champ to immediately return to the pitch the first time each turn she suffers the taken out condition. So your opponent scores VPs, Champ gets removed from the pitch, and she can immediately return exactly as if it were the Maintenance Phase! This is a super cool thematic rule that represents Champ’s doggedness and tenacity; she’s not going to let her teammates battle on for a second without her! 

Her next two traits are ones we’ve already seen, but let’s go over how they work with her. Poised is an old favourite, allowing Champ to make a Counter-Attack once per turn without spending momentum. This again represents how good a player she is, able to read the opposing team and react to their smallest moves without needing support from her team. It also represents that she doesn’t give her opponents the slightest inch, constantly looking to take advantage of their attacks. 

Finally, she has Stamina. No longer does her 5”/7” MOV make her a relatively slow player, in fact she’s effectively a 10”/12” MOV! That’s amazingly fast, letting her get in and out of situations easily. It also lets her chase the ball down brilliantly, reflecting her ball skills, her determination, and her refusal to let the opposing team rest easy even for a second. She constantly wants to be driving forward, taking the fight to the bad guys! One thing worth noting is we’ve changed the wording slightly (and this will be updated on Bonesaw and Bolt) so that this rule is only once per turn. Champ getting a double activation with Honour’s Superior Strategy and potentially moving 20” in a turn without spending any influence, across four separate instances of movement was a bit much! 

Champ really puts the ‘Attacking’ in ‘Attacking Midfielder’, she’s a model who consistently wants to drive at the enemy and get in amongst them. If you think she looks cool, you can pre-order her here.

That’s the end of our FCD reveals! We hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them! We’ll see you all soon, cheerio!