Godtear: Version 1.0 & Galana


In this week’s update, we celebrate a momentous occasion – the first week since early access began that the rulebook has remained entirely unchanged. Also this week, we took an opportunity to dig through all of our current champion feedback and use it to make some adjustments to a huge portion of the current available roster of champions.

When we looked at the stable rulebook and the active ongoing champion development, we made the decision to call this week’s update early access version 1.0. We’re no longer focusing on the broad strokes. We’re moving on to the finer details of Godtear. This is not to say that the rulebook will never change again. We’ll certainly find elements to clarify here and there. But you can rest assured that the phases, actions, and other broad elements are here to stay in their current incarnations.  

One of the things we’ve always desired for Godtear was a system where different classes had different roles on the battlefield, not just in surface ways like the range of their attacks or the number of wounds they had but rather in how they bring you closer to winning the game. With that in mind, we took a fresh look at our champions and made some class-based changes. While it’s always nice to be able to color outside the lines a bit and make a special snowflake, we still need to adhere to some guidelines to ensure the classes retain their own specialties.  

Something we do want to mention briefly is that virtually every champion in Godtear (or their followers) should have at least some potential to score steps on the battle ladder in all four ways. Sure, Rhodri is a guardian, but that doesn’t mean he can’t cause a knockout. And sure, Lorsain is a slayer, but she can still call her banner and move into a good position to protect it.  

The distinctions come from how well champions enact their specialties as well as certain tools at their disposal. As powerful as Rhodri’s one attack may be, he will never have more than one opportunity to damage an enemy model each turn. Lorsain frequently has two and occasionally even has three! And as easily as Lorsain can move in front of her banner, she can be dislodged from a guarding position more readily than Rhodri can.  

We hope that you’ll notice some of these shifts in class strengths and weaknesses this week and that you’ll enjoy the way that each class stands apart from the others.

Last but by no means least, we’ve made the cards for Galana and the Quartzlings available for all to see! 

Galana is a whole new take on what you might come to expect from a Shaper. We’ve seen Shapers that specialize in moving existing objective hexes around, placing them where it’s most advantageous for their warband, but Galana takes this concept even further. Galana’s motto? Why move what’s there, when you can just make more?

Galana is the first model in the game that, in combination with her followers, can choose when and where to create new objective hexes… turns out crystalmancy is preeeeeeetty cool!

On to what we’re looking for from feedback this week: 

  • Are there any lingering areas of confusion you have about the rulebook? 
  • Do you have any questions about any of the current scenarios? 
  • Do you have a favorite class? If so, which one, and why? 
  • Do you have a least favorite class? If so, which one, and why? 
  • What are your top 3 balance recommendations at this point in the game’s development? 
  • How did Galana feel in your games? Which champions did you play with Galana and why? 

Thanks in advance for any feedback, we’ll catch you for another update next week!