Ikaros and Rundaas – Taking It to The Nest Level

Throughout the last few weeks we’ve been looking at various players for the Falconers Guild. This week on the blog we’re gonna be doing a two for one and taking a look at the final two Falconers; the knife wielding Rundaas and the airborne Ikaros.

Rundaas – The Meaning of Knife


The main thing Rundaas brings to the Falconers team is knives, knives, and… more knives? As you might expect this translates into another damage dealer for the team. His playbook is loaded to the brim with momentous damage and repositions reminiscent of Jaecar from the Falconer’s counterpart Guild, the Hunters. This damage is paired with a decent MOV stat, which allows Rundaas to threaten enemies from the safety of his own lines and commit to the fight at the right time where he can be used safely.


Though Tough Hide makes him one of the hardier models in the team he is not the hardest model to takeout due to his lower defensive stats. However, Shadow Like serves an excellent role in helping him either extend his threat range or helping him escape the centre of a scrum to murder people on his own terms. Much like his teammates, committing him at the correct time is important to avoid him becoming a victim of the scrum. ‘Hitting people on their own terms’ actually pretty well sums up the Falconers in general. Get these guys involved at the wrong time, or in the wrong place, and they’ll crack like a mishandled egg. Get them into a fight at a time and place of their choosing and they’ll hit like you just mishandled one of their eggs.

Rundaas does more than just apply damage enemy players, he also brings support abilities that can assist other players on his team. The first of these is the mainstay of the Falconers Guild, the Harrier AOE. This allows him to not only increase his own damage but the damage of his team mates too. With the addition of Rundaas the Falconers Guild are able to place three Harrier AOEs, giving plenty of options to provide unleash the pain on enemy models. Keeping on brand, his second character play is Dirty Knives. Again, the reduction of DEF can be used to increase the output of both him and his team. This can also be stacked with the -1 DEF of the snared condition as well, which the Falconers do have some limited access to.

Ultimately, Rundaas is a model who can either take a couple of Influence and throw out some buffs/debuffs for the rest of the team to take advantage of OR who can effortlessly switch to being a badass damage dealer on his own. This flexibility is typical of the Falconers, and deciding how to use each model each turn is an important part of playing the Guild.

Ikaros - Wax and Cranes


At a glance Ikaros’ role within the team is pretty obvious. He has the best KICK stat in the Falconers, instantly painting him as the striker for their team. Heck, he has an outstanding KICK stat in general, up there with Shark and Angel in terms of how good he is with the ball. Well, the ball is essentially like an egg, and when you look at Ikaros, you can tell this man knows how to handle his eggs. Most of his other stats mirror other striker type models in the game however; lower than average TAC, a 1” melee zone, middle of the road defensive stats and health pool. His playbook focus is also textbook striker, with Tackle, Push/Dodge, double Dodge, and a cheeky two damage being his main momentous results. Of those, with his lower TAC value, the most achievable results are the momentous Tackle and momentous Push/Dodge, which is pretty classic striker territory. Momentous Push/Dodge on two hits is SUCH a good result and is the one he’s generally going for most of the time he’s making Attacks.

What with this strong adherence to striker convention, his low movement is something of a standout, particularly given that he’s such a big wingboy. He must be fast! Of course, this lower than average movement is compensated by a character play, Take Flight. That allows him to make an additional Jog as well as granting him Flying. This provides Ikaros the extra movement he needs to soar around the pitch and score goals.

As you might expect, the bonus damage provided by Falconers’ Harrier AOEs isn’t as useful to a dedicated striker model. During the design of Ikaros we looked to provide him with some additional benefits via character traits that would be more useful for his striker role.


The first of these, Feathered Friends, provides Ikaros cover and a small TAC bonus while he’s within a Harrier AOE. This helps to offset his lower TAC and his average defensive stats. He can take advantage of the screeching swarms of birds unleashed by the Falconers in order to hide out and strike from the cover of the flock. To tell you the truth, it’s the only place he really feels at home. In addition, Updraft allows him to treat Harrier AOEs as fast ground, once per turn. This increases his mobility by another 2”, just lining the nest of his already more than respectable goal scoring ability.

And with that, we’ve covered all of the Falconers Guild players! Now you’ve seen everything, let us know what you think of the full Falconer lineup on our forums and social media! The Falconers are released on June 15th.