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We’re back with another look at a Free Cities Draft model, this time it’s Edge for the Hunter’s Guild. Edge was an oddity among the rookies. Fiercely independent, she nevertheless harboured a love for her comrades among the FCD. She also had a secret; her sister is Skatha, the Champion of the Moon Goddess. However the two have never seen particularly eye to eye, largely since Edge considers the whole Moon Goddess religion thing something of a pile of nonsense. She’s a free spirit, after all, adrift from the more theocratic elements of the Hunters. Nevertheless, I’m sure she’s settling in nicely…


We Wanted To Call This Player Hedge (Hunter-Edge),
But Sherwin Said No!

The front of Edge’s card is decent. She’s very fast with a 7”/9” MOV. Beyond that she has a solid KICK stat of 3/6”.

Her playbook has some incredibly useful results, starting with a Tackle/Dodge on column 1. This result helps solidify what her statline already shows, she’s a more footballing focused Hunter model. That said, she’s hardly defenseless when it comes to putting damage out on enemy models. Her second column playbook result is also great, inflicting 2 damage, generating momentum, and allowing her to trigger her character play Entangle, which inflicts the snared condition on an enemy model within 6”. The model she’s snaring doesn’t even have to be the target of the original attack! Beyond that she has a push/dodge on 3, can chip out 3 damage on column 4, albeit non momentously, and finally has a stonking Tackle/double dodge result on column 4. She’s really very fast, yo. 

Entangle is worth talking about in a little more detail. It can be triggered from the playbook, but it can also be used at a cost of 1 influence. This means that, for instance, on turn 1 if you don’t want to engage with Edge, you can just hang around within 6” of some enemy models and fling Entangles at them, trying to put out snared on a few models at once. 

The final point worth mentioning is that with a DEF 4+/ARM 0 statline, Edge is more than a little vulnerable to being taken out. She definitely wants to use her speed to hang around the edges of things until the true engagement happens 


It’s Unorthodox,
But It Just Might Work. 

When you see the back of Edge’s card, you can really see the strengths of this model. First off she has Close Control, which helps her get in, snag the ball from an enemy model, then hold on to it in the face of their counter attack. It also helps her as a place to put the ball to hold it away from enemy models if you’ve decided you’d rather not have it in play right at this very moment. 

Skipping ahead a little, she’s also Light Footed, which can really save your bacon in a pinch, but also combos very well with the next two rules she has. Remember how we said this model was fast? Well turns out she’s really fast. Unorthodox allows her to add an additional double dodge result every time she makes a successful attack against a snared target. Yowza. That first column Tackle/dodge result becomes a momentous Tackle/triple dodge result. Bit quick, eh? This ups her maneuverability to truly unreasonable levels, and it’s not even when it ends! 

Mirage allows Edge, once per turn during her activation, to place herself anywhere within a patch of rough ground, fast ground, or a forest she’s in. Given that two of the Hunter captains can throw out some of those terrain pieces, she can use these to get EVEN MORE movement. Edge has maybe the highest possible movement possible in a single activation in the entire game of Guild Ball. She can Sprint 9”, make 3 attacks against snared models so dodge 9” across those three attacks (no magical Christmasland here), then place within a piece of terrain, which can be up to 6”, plus base size, so we’re talking single activation movement of something along the lines of ~26”. 

Seems alright, eh? With this need for speed, Edge can get around the pitch incredibly quickly, throwing out the snared condition, snagging the ball, and getting goals. When attacking a single snared enemy model, she can also put out a fair bit of damage while applying snared to a bunch of other nearby enemy models. 

The trade off for this ridiculous speed is that Edge is personally very fragile. Keep her safe and choose your moment to use her, otherwise she might end up watching most of the game from the comfort of a Physician’s Guild stretcher! 

So what do you reckon then? Keen to add this incredibly fast model to your Hunters lineup? What lineups are you planning on using Hedge (you can’t stop us Sherwin) in? Let us know on our social media! If you love this speed freak, you can add her to your roster on Friday!

Join us back here next time for yet another Free Cities Draft rookie reveal! 

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