Veteran Honour - Through Fields of Wheat

Before we delve into Veteran Honour's Stat Card we wanted to give the spotlight to Tales of the Free Cities for continuing the incredible work on turning our stories into Audio. 

Veteran Honour

This is the very last blog in the six week run of the New Alliances box. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can go read over the previous blog posts here. However, we have one very special model left to reveal. The concept was brought up at SteamCon last year, and we’ve had a great time taking the concept from the Design a Model seminar and turning it into an actual model to play on the Guild Ball pitch. It’s Veteran Honour, defying the Physician’s Guild to limp back onto the Pitch with the new team and a new determination.  

The Crippled Hero


The first thing you’ll notice is that Honour’s statline is still feeling the long term effects of the Season 2 storyline. She got pretty badly beat up! Her legs got ripped to shreds in the final of the Frontiers Cup, and she’s still in recovery. The fact she’s walking at all is actually pretty damn impressive if you think about it.  

She’s now MOV 4”/6”, as she’s hobbling along with the aid of her sheepdog buddy, and TAC 4. She’s significantly less fighty now, but still has a 3/6” KICK since no matter how badly her legs are beat up, she’s still Honour. Her DEF is unchanged at 3+, but her metal armour has been left behind with the Masons, hence a slight reduction to 1 ARM. Finally, her INF stat is now 3/3.

Honour’s Playbook deliberately shows her heritage as a Mason, keeping their unique Playbook construction, where almost every result in the first half is momentous, and every result in the second half is non-momentous. Most particularly, the first two columns mirror the first two columns of her original version, except that her Dodges have become Pushes, again, which is reflective of her storyline to date. She’s less good at moving around the Pitch, but she can still give people a decent whack with her hammer!

Honour only has a single Character Play now, called Crofting Time. A croft is essentially a small farm, and this is a small, simple Character Play, allowing Honour to spend 1 Influence to place a harvest-marker within 2”. This Play is obviously very flexible and can be useful for a getting a harvest-marker exactly where you need it.  

Now, so nothing on the front of Honour’s card is especially setting the barn on fire, eh? She can, with any of the TAC buffs Farmers have available, really crank out a fair bit of momentous damage, as is right and proper for Honour, but in general she just seems solid, if maybe a bit boring so far. But never fear, the back of this player’s card is really where the magic happens…



So this model has three brand new abilities on the back of her card, let’s go through them. Faithful Protector is pretty simple. Honour has a brand new big fluffy woofer with her, and this rule represents the dog getting involved and distracting enemy players from Attacking her, reducing the enemy model’s dice pool by -1. Get Honour in cover, which is pretty easy to do on most Pitches, and any enemy attacking her has to reduce their dice pool by -2 before they even get to roll!

The next Character Trait on Honour’s card is called Fields of Wheat, and we’re particularly proud of this one. It encapsulates the flexibility of the Masons coupled with the harvest-markers of the Farmers. This ability effectively allows Honour, once per turn during her activation, to move any harvest-markers within 4” of her around, as long as their final position is also within 4” of her. How many times, as a Farmer coach, do you end up activating your Planters, and then two activations later going “Oh shoot, that harvest-marker really should be slightly further up the Pitch?” This is a great ability for those of us with an aptitude for placing our harvest-markers sliiiiightly out of position from where our Reaper players actually want to make use of them. A free ability to reposition all your harvest-markers is a great ‘get out of jail free’ card, and also lets you keep your other Planters safer. For instance now you can keep Millstone back a bit, throw out a harvest-marker with Planting Season, then have Honour catapult that harvest-marker forward by potentially around 10” (4” from behind Honour to 4” in front of her, plus the base sizes of both Honour and the marker), that’s a LOT of freedom of placement! Don’t forget Honour can always place one harvest-marker herself with Crofting Time, then move it to wherever she needs it with Fields of Wheat.

Honour’s final ability is a Legendary Play called, as a final nod to her original version, Surpassing Strategy. This allows Honour to immediately use Crofting Time without spending Influence, so she gets a free harvest-marker, then she can remove any number of harvest-markers within 6” and allocate 1 Influence to a friendly model within 6” for each harvest-marker removed. You thought Fields of Wheat gave a Farmer team flexibility? OH BOY! Think of the options for this. The most obvious one is if you REALLY want a turn where you use All The Influence™ you can turn all your harvest-markers into Influence at the start of the turn, have your Planters go and put down more, then have Honour go and turn all of THOSE into Influence as well! Spending, like, 23 Influence in a single turn is probably pretty okay.

While that’s funny, the main use of Surpassing Strategy is, in true Mason style, reacting to the changing flow of the game. A player who has no Influence ended up with the ball? Well, have some Influence and go score a goal! Or make use of how your opponents will view a player with no Influence as no threat. Your opponent may even come in and attack that model, sure in the knowledge that they’re safe from reprisal, until suddenly Honour’s Surpassing Strategy comes into play and that player suddenly has a full stack they can throw into making attacks on the enemy player!

There are a lot of possibilities, the good old bait and switch being one of them. This is where you allocate to one Reaper, let your opponent play around that threat all turn, then with almost your last activation Honour activates, removes some harvest-markers to give another Reaper Influence, and moves other harvest-markers into the perfect position for that Reaper model to go to town!

So there we have it, a Farmer with all the flexibility and poise of a Mason. One final thing to note is Honour’s position is Coach, which is a new positional term like Central Midfielder, Striker, etc, which just indicates that this is a model who isn’t going to be doing a tonne of work herself, but whose job is to inspire and enable the rest of the team.

If you think you’re gonna be picking up Veteran Honour to inspire your Farmers to victory, let us know on social media and our forums! If you want to pick up the New Alliances box, you can pre-order it here.