Godtear - Version 0.9 - Call All Banners


Early Access updates come in a wide range of forms, from revised core mechanics to new gameplay elements (like scenarios or champions) to balance tweaks for existing content. This week’s update includes some balance tweaks based on our internal playtesting and feedback from our Early Access program. Some abilities have revised wording in this new update, and others have been adjusted in power level to tune them up or down slightly as needed.

This week’s update also includes some changes based on the way certain components of Godtear are shaping up. Banners have been clarified as being models rather than tokens. We’ve also shuffled around which information is shown on which Champion cards to keep things more consistent and intuitive, so we’ve updated the rulebook to keep pace with those changes.

But there are a handful of deeper changes as well. Changes to…


GT_titus banner.png

Throughout Godtear development, the concept of Champions planting banners to stake their claim for godtear energy has been central to gameplay. It’s taken some very different forms at different times including versions where destroying Champions’ banners was the singular path to victory or where banners functioned much like a “spawn point” for a particular Champion and their followers.

Banners have already experienced their fair share of fine-tuning during the Early Access, but we still weren’t quite satisfied that we had perfected the delicate balance between knock-outs and banner placement. We want both elements of the game to be viable methods for scoring steps on the battle ladder at all times, so this week, we’re trying out a pretty serious two-pronged change to banners.

On one hand, banners that score points for capture in the end phase are removed from the battlefield.

On the other, banners are not removed from the battlefield when their Champion is knocked out.

This give and take means that a player who has left a banner behind, far from the action, will only be able to score it once. Its Champion will need to Call Banner again in order to have another opportunity to score steps on the battle ladder. BUT… a Champion no longer has to worry about losing 4 (or 5) steps on the battle ladder from capture every time their opponent knocks them out. That knockout already rewards the opponent steps on the battle ladder, after all.

GT_rangosh banner.png

Our hope is that this combination of changes will allow banners to feel more “live” during a game of Godtear. Banners that are nowhere near the action don’t stick around from turn to turn, and calling banners won’t become pointless if your opponent’s warband is fine-tuned for murder.

Based on early testing, we’re pretty happy with these changes and their impact, but we’re also very interested in your thoughts and your test game results.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • Are the revised rules for placing, scoring, and removing banners clear (be sure to read them!)?
  • In each of your test games, how many steps were scored for Cull (follower knockouts), Conquer (champion knockouts), Claim (banner placement), and Capture (banners in the end phase)?
  • Do both aspects of scoring, banners and murder, feel like important aspects of gameplay?
  • How does Champion selection on both sides of the battlefield affect the balance between banners and murder?
  • What other thoughts do you have regarding scoring steps on the battle ladder?


  • Are the rule changes to cover banner models and revised card designs sufficiently clear and properly reflected in the rulebook?
  • What feedback do you have on the tweaks to Champion balance in this update?
  • What are your top 3 balance recommendations at this point in the game’s development?

Thanks, and have fun!

Spotted in the Wilds

Our Community Team spotted this amazingly painted Raith'Marid by Nicholas Blower & we just had to share it with you. If you paint up your minis be sure to let us see them by tagging #PaintingGodtear on Twitter or posting in the Godtear the Champions Fan Group on Facebook.