Bearing Fruit - Godtear

In the update this week, we have a few balance tweaks for you. If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the cards you’ll need to update are:

  • Blackjaw
  • Galana
  • Mournblade
  • Raith’Marid
  • Rangosh
  • Sneeki Peet

The scenario document has also had a small update so be sure to print that off also!

All four of the updates we’re making this week represent changes that we’ve been looking at for a couple of updates now. When we make a change, however, we want to be confident that change will move things in the right direction for the game as whole and not be a rushed reaction to our own testing or to feedback we receive.

First up is Galana. She has a really cool theme, and her followers bring some great new tools to the shaper toolbox, but her own play style sometimes felt more like a guardian than a shaper. She also didn’t ask players the question ‘Which champions work well with this one?’ and we want warband construction choices to be a key element of the fun of Godtear. Not all champions work as well together as others, after all!

So after a few weeks of taking some feedback and testing her ourselves, we’re really happy to reveal an updated version of Galana. Her two new skills allow her to copy existing boons and blights onto nearby models, and the possibilities for what you can achieve with these two skills is staggering!

Second is Rangosh. Jawbreaker is a very easy aspect of Rangosh to focus on because unleashing a huge Jawbreaker is often the aim of a turn and can be very rewarding. But a big part of that reward is the setup itself. Effectively combining boons, blights, and his Brutal Master trait has led to a one-hit knockout on many a champion, but making that knockout effortless was not the right answer.

Instead, we’ve increased the range and accuracy of his stun skill to reduce opponents’ dodge stats and increased his mobility slightly to make it harder for his enemies to escape his reach.

Third, we’ve taken a look at the defensive profile of all of the followers. Some are completely unchanged, but others have lost one point of either dodge or protection. We’ll be watching these changes closely because there’s a delicate balance between followers being too effective at blocking a champion’s path versus being too trivial to remove.

And the fourth and final change for this week is a slight alteration to the Knowledge scenario. The distance between the objective hexes meant the game sometimes felt split into two smaller games. The reduced distance should allow more interplay between champions in a warband.

  • So check out these changes, and be sure to let us know what you think!
  • This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:
  • What do you think of the changes to Galana?
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on Galana?
  • What do you think of the changes to Rangosh?
  • What do you think of the changes to Knowledge?
  • Do you think any other scenario warrants changes (if so which one)?
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are currently too powerful and why?
  • Which champions (if any) do you think are not powerful enough and why?

Thanks, and have fun!