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From the Shadows

We’ve had a great response so far to last week’s update about external playtesters. We’ve already received interest from groups around the globe. If you’re interested but haven’t emailed yet, please do so immediately! We’ll be choosing our groups shortly.

We made a lot of balance changes two weeks ago, and there are plenty of new tweaks for everyone to digest. So we won’t be changing any existing champions this week, just adding one of the last couple of Kickstarter champions – Finvarr! If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the only cards you’ll need to update are:

Each champion is more than just stats and rules. They should bring their concept to life on the tabletop, faithfully representing their race, their class, and their themes as well as syncing up with the look of their artwork and model. When we looked at the previous new champion, Morrigan, we examined how her slayer-ness, her revenant-ness, and her icy disposition all came together in her rules.

Today, we’re going to take a similar look at Finvarr, Lord of Mirages and his Shadow Sentinel followers.

Let’s start things off with their race, elf. Elves in Godtear are evasive and quick, favoring dodge over protection and frequently featuring movement-related abilities. Finvarr and his buds are the first guardian models with higher dodge stats than protection stats, and they’ve got a total of 5 speed between the two phases. Finvarr can also use Poised to Strike to increase his movement by an additional hex with the quicken boon while the Shadow Sentinels have the Shadow Step trait, which allows them to move one hex even during activations they don’t use an advance action.

Next let’s look at their nature as guardians. We know guardians have an affinity for banners, and Finvarr’s no exception. His Banner Warden trait gives him +2 accuracy against any enemy adjacent to a friendly banner. To protect those banners, Finvarr and his Shadow Sentinels tap into their theme of mirages and shadows. Finvarr’s Shadow Ward can be used to push enemies away from banners, and his followers’ Shadow Snare skill can slow them, preventing them from crushing a friendly banner.

And when all else fails, Finvarr’s ultimate skill is available to move friendly banners from the thick of the fighting to safer locales. When he uses Phantom Banners, this shadow guardian can change the position of any friendly banners within 3 hexes in order to increase his warband’s chances of scoring “capture” steps on the battle ladder.

Guardians aren’t just about banners, though. They also make it more difficult for your opponent to keep your warband down. Whether that’s through bringing back followers or healing wounds, guardians keep your forces in the fight. Though not quite as skilled as other champions at either of those fields of expertise, Finvarr and the Shadow Sentinels do a little bit of both. Finvarr’s Life Blade skill can heal one of his wounds when he hits an enemy, and the Shadow Sentinel’s Life Trade skill can recruit a new Shadow Sentinel when they knock out an enemy.

Life Trade is the first skill in Godtear that increases in accuracy and damage when a second follower is added to the hex but stays the same if you have a third follower. This means their recruitment skill can reach its full accuracy and damage dice and still allow you to add a Shadow Sentinel to the hex when you use the skill. At 5 accuracy and 5 damage, it’s highly likely to knock out an enemy follower and could even take down a wounded champion on occasion.

Against particularly tough enemies, both Finvarr and his Shadow Sentinels can use the Magic Weapon skill to gain strengthen. And for one final touch of guardian prowess, the Shadow Sentinels can Guard an adjacent ally, granting them reinforce.

We’ve designed Finvarr to showcase a little bit of everything the guardian class has to offer with a shadow-y, elf-y spin. His regeneration can’t rival Halftusk’s, and his banner-based ultimate can’t compete with Rhodri’s, but he’s a mobile champion with a little bit of everything a player could want from a guardian.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • What do you think of Finvarr and the Shadow Sentinels?
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on Finvarr?
  • Do you have any rules questions or clarifications on the Shadow Sentinels?
  • Based on the latest balance update, do you think any champions are too powerful (if so, why)?
  • Do you think any champions are not powerful enough (if so, why)?
  • Which champions do you think are complete at this point and do not need further revisions?

Thanks, and have fun!