The T-00 Tyrant Continued | Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

Last week we finally reached the Boss Monster update you guys were waiting for, and began to delve into the design process behind the T-00 Tyrant. Judging from the community’s reaction we know you all love him, and honestly, we’re just as hyped as you to see him wreak havoc during games. Droves of survivors perished trying to get him just right for you, and by the end of his playtesting cycle, one of our playtesters flat out refused to play against him ever again!

And if that all sounds great but you missed out, don’t worry. You can read the first part of the T-00 Tyrant Update here.

As promised, this week we’re going to stick with the big guy, moving on from how you’ll experience him during regular scenarios to the unique Boss Monster encounter awaiting you in Scenario 13B. 

Ready? Hold onto you- wait, we already did that one? Oh well. We know it went down a storm before…

We’re milking this image just for you, Psyniac.

We’re milking this image just for you, Psyniac.

 End of Level Boss

Last week we briefly touched on the first boss concept for the T-00 Tyrant, right back from the start of the B-Files development. During these early days, he appeared as an end of level Boss, much the same as most of the other Boss Monsters in Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game. But, as mentioned, this also proved to give us a number of headaches.

Firstly, considering we wanted to try and remain as close to the source material as possible, encountering the big guy at the end of each scenario quickly became a logistical nightmare. We were either forced to break up scenarios into wildly varied experiences, some of which were extremely short and succinct, or we had to play around with the original timeline. Neither was particularly desirable, as you can likely imagine.

Next, we couldn’t make him nearly as formidable as we wanted, unless we gave the players access to some of the more powerful weapons from go, which we knew would disrupt game balance. Worse still, when we tried to mix up things and drop him into the middle of a scenario, we found that if the players had an unlucky card draw, the game became impossible. 

For these reasons and more, we switched to the T-00 Tyrant Enemy for standard scenarios, as discussed last week. But that didn’t mean we shelved everything for the Boss Monster Tyrant. In particular, we kept his signature shoulder charge as a special attack, now triggered by the Tension Deck. We also introduced the Marked Target Tension Deck card, allowing the big guy to zero in on one unlucky survivor (more on that later). Ultimately, we knew we’d see him again – after all, it wouldn’t be Resident Evil™ 2 without a final showdown against the Tyrant.

So, how does the Boss Monster version of the T-00 Tyrant stack up to the regular version?

The More Things Change

T-00 1.gif

To begin with, the Boss Monster version of the T-00 Tyrant can sustain a lot more damage. No surprises there, we imagine. By the time you meet this guy, you’ll be armed to the teeth, so it’s only fair he gets a significant health buff to match. 

Next up, his attacks. We already mentioned Shoulder Charge, an attack which only inflicts a moderate amount of damage but is all the more dangerous for the double move the Boss makes beforehand. Overhand Smash is a little less fear inspiring, an upgrade to the reaction attack found on the T-00 Tyrant Enemy card. It inflicts the same amount of damage as Shoulder Charge, but thankfully doesn’t give the free move as well. The final common attack is Swipe, which inflicts low damage but hits all survivors in range. All of these attacks also inflict pushes, meaning the boss has some degree of board control to boot, shoving characters out of position each time.

Now, at this stage you might be thinking we haven’t said anything too scary just yet, and you’re right. So, let’s do that now.

There’s only one Knockdown card in the T-00 Tyrant’s Behaviour Deck, and for good reason. A low powered attack which smashes a survivor off their feet, the first part won’t be too tough on you. The follow up attack, where the Tyrant stamps on the prone survivor and crushes their head? Yep, that stings a little more. This attack is extremely hard to avoid, and will render a player unconscious, no matter where their health track is.

We should also talk about that Marked Target token about now. A portent of doom, this allows the Boss to prioritise one character in particular for elimination. Because there isn’t an evade roll to avoid the token, it’s especially important to manage this as best you can. When the T-00 Tyrant attacks a character with the Marked Target token, the big guy inflicts an additional point of damage. He’ll also get a helpful double move towards the character BEFORE a behaviour card is drawn, so there’s definitely no hiding. Lastly, it’s entirely possible one of the survivors will have this token before they begin the encounter, making life a living hell even before the behaviour card is drawn.

We’re not done, either. The final rule on the T-00 Tyrant Boss Card is named Aggressive, and is one of the most instrumental in linking both forms of the T-00 Tyrant together, allowing the Boss to perform reactions. If you try to dodge away from him, he attacks you. If you attack him, he moves towards you. Those two statements alone should be scary enough. This Boss is one of the most unique, simply for all of the out-of-sequence actions he gets to make, in addition to the abilities on his card. 

Sound fun? We certainly think so. And just in case you wanted even more of a challenge, a reminder – you’ll have to contend with the enemy version of the T-00 Tyrant during the scenario, before you even get this far. Oh, and did we tell you there are two Bosses during this scenario? 

Suffice to say, the B-Files is where the game really gets hard.

Speaking of which, next week we’ll be looking at our final Boss Monster in the series… and undoubtedly the most lethal. Time for the T-103 Tyrant, ladies and gentlemen…