Free Cities Draft Update | Week 1 | Guild Ball

The Free Cities Draft is underway! We’ve already seen more games reported in the first few days than last year’s Community Event gathered in a week – and the weekend is yet to come. So, to celebrate your efforts, we thought you might like a quick update on your progress so far.

Before we begin, if you’re new to our Community Events and aren’t sure how to get involved, don’t worry. You can find out everything you need to know here

Results So Far

Let’s get started! Listed below are the current top three players for each guild.

The Alchemists are one of our most focused Guilds, with plenty of support for Nomad especially, although it looks like both Knuckles and Kami are creeping up in popularity. Plenty of you must be excited about a triumphant S4 return, given the sheer volume of reported games, but that also means other players can easily make the top three if interest swings their way…

The Blacksmith’s Guild have united around Gaffer, Cutlass, and Knuckles. Considering those three represent remarkably different player types, it will be very interesting to see how this develops. We’d definitely recommend reading the next entry of the story especially, where you’ll get to better know two of these players. Perhaps that might help you focus your attention.

Unsurprisingly, when we say the name Amber, it’s almost synonymous with the Brewer’s Guild… but by nowhere near the margin we thought we’d see. With Knuckles and Cutlass both proving to be strong alternatives, this is by no means a guaranteed bet! If you’re part of the #saveamber movement, you definitely need to bring more people onside. And if you’re not? This is your chance!

The Butcher’s Guild seem to have found their girl in Champ, with a massive swing towards her at the start of the campaign. We’re also seeing plenty of support for Kami and Knuckles – and what happened to #smokedmeat? Don’t write anyone off yet, Meatheads, and especially not Layne. He only missed out on the top three by 1%!

The Engineer’s Guild might need to rethink their approach. Although their most sought-after players are Cutlass, Kami, and Champ, these are also popular elsewhere – and the Engineer coaches just aren’t getting in the games to back up their claims. Time to look for Union or Minor Guild support maybe? Either way, let’s bring those numbers up and make a strong challenge for your top picks!

The Farmer’s Guild have seen a huge amount of reported games, and have strong stakes in several players… but for the moment at least, Amber, Layne, and Nomad rule the roost. Our bet is that this will be the one to watch as the internal power struggles between coaches set in. You’re one of the most divisive and vocal groups about which player you really need, after all.

Fisherman players confuse us with their headlong chase for Kami and Cutlass – we’d have thought you guys wanted ways to keep the ball moving, not kill it dead! At least the support for Amber makes more sense, even if seeing her name here was a massive surprise. Can you pull off the surprise coup of the campaign and steal her away from the Brewer’s Guild?!

The Hunter’s Guild might be on to something – they’re the only Guild with Flea currently in their top three. But the support for an Edge and Seenah tag team is just as strong, as is the hope that Layne can find divine inspiration enough to break the habit. We love the aggressive push for these last two players in particular. It looks like Skatha might have some more football players joining her on the pitch…

We’re going to have to call out the Mason’s Guild as something special. At the moment you don’t have a top three. Coaches have distributed their votes with incredible precision, keeping them in the race for just about every player. Well done. Your roleplaying of the leaderless team’s internal strife is perfectly on brand, but someone needs to step up and build some solid foundations, or you’ll end up getting hammered!

Finally, the Mortician’s Guild, and the Beard will doubtless be insanely pleased to hear Gaffer is in the top three. Edge and Layne are also in contention – but like the Engineer’s Guild, we’re going to warn you the number of reported games is a little low. Where are the Ratcatchers when you need them?! Time to send an envoy into the depths and bash some heads together.

Early Days Yet…

That’s the current top three for each Guild, but if your favourite player isn’t listed for your team, don’t write them off just yet. This is only after a handful of days. You have plenty of time to get other coaches onside and start picking up votes. Some of these are still very, very close – and the race for who can get the most votes for their Guild is very real. Get those games in now – the destiny of each of these rookies is in your hands, and Shadow Games aren’t finished overnight!

Until next time sports fans, when we’ll be back after the weekend with the next part of the Free Cities Draft story. Have a great weekend!