Week 6 Update | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

Welcome back, sports fans!

Not long now! We’re less than two weeks out from SteamCon UK, and the final countdown for the Free Cities Draft has begun. It’s already been one hell of a ride, but we know you won’t give up now. Each of the rookies are nearly within your grasp!

Last week offered us plenty of new developments to think about. For the first time since the campaign began Nomad slipped out of the Alchemist spotlight, as they redirected their interest towards Kami instead. Elsewhere the Hunters shook off their slumber at long last and began the chase for Edge. And last, but certainly not least, a vicious spearhead thrust from the Butchers saw them soar up the table as the #smokedmeat campaign picked up momentum.

A quick shout out to you all – the hashtag work this year has been exemplary. Keep up the good work!

Time for this week’s update, but before we go any further, if you’re new to our Community Events and aren’t sure how to get involved, don’t worry. You can find out everything you need to know here. Come and join in the fun!

Top Three Revisited

So, last time around we saw the Guild standings… but how are we doing with player popularity? If you’re chasing a particular rookie, this is absolutely the update for you – but be aware, if your rookie isn’t listed in your team’s top three now, you’re definitely running out of time!

Ready? Let’s take a look!

We’ve already talked about the popularity race between Kami and Nomad at the Alchemist’s Guild, but it looks like Knuckles is back in the top three again, ousting Champ. Considering the race currently going on between their team and the Butchers, we think that’s wise. So, Alchemists, here’s the question. Are you on Team Nomad, or Team Kami? Let us know in the comments.

The Blacksmith’s Guild heard there were players other than Gaffer at some point, but they didn’t pay any attention apparently. Rounding out the top three are Knuckles and Cutlass, but given their high standing and ludicrous popularity swing towards everyone’s favourite pundit, we’d say this race is over. Does that mean you can get support from their coaches for your own cause now? Maybe…

Amber remains the top choice over at the Brewer’s Guild, but that might be an impossible dream, unless the Farmer’s Guild inexplicably swing towards another player in the last days of the campaign. Knuckles also remains in the top three, but a new challenger approaches – its Flea! Apparently seeing a revival after Friday’s story, the #fleatoagoodhome campaign has started gaining serious traction.

The Butcher’s Guild are on a high, ruthlessly chasing a top three position. Their coaches are still divided like before – Operation Obulus is a sinister cult pushing for Kami, #smokedmeat is definitely in vogue, and old veterans have hit the campaign trail for Champ. Last time we suggested you guys talk out your differences, only to get an earful back, so we’ll leave you to your indecision, Meatheads…

Is it still PUNCH O’CLOCK for the Engineer’s Guild? Yes, yes, it is! The #undercogs continue to race up the table after a slow start, but they’re keeping their choices even. Knuckles, Kami and Champ are all neck and neck with barely a handful of votes between them. Can we expect a tactical switch given two of those three are the targets of higher placed teams? You tell us!

We’d wondered if the Farmer’s Guild might switch some of their attention to Flea in the aftermath of the latest story, but they’re apparently all possessed with a heart of stone. No changes to see here at all, in fact – Amber, Layne and Nomad are the chosen ones, and the only thing stopping any one of those players going to the farm is how the Farmers now vote.

The Fisherman’s Guild might be the only team with Cutlass in their top three now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not chasing Kami still. Last time we mentioned Layne as the outside bet, but he seems to have fallen out of favour given his current condition. His replacement is Champ, meaning that once more we’ll have Fishermen and Butchers head to head at Steamcon. Is revenge a dish best served cold?

The great beast has finally awoken! After a surge in votes, no longer do the Hunter’s Guild languish in last place. Their top three are all solid choices for a mid-bottom tier standing in the Draft too, Edge taking the lead over Flea, and leaving Layne far behind. We can’t wait to see whether they can keep this last-minute chase up!

You started the campaign by voting for everyone evenly and it looks like you’re going to end the campaign that way, Mason’s Guild coaches. At least you’ve narrowed it down to Kami and Champ in joint first and second place. Edge sits in third, but she’s still a possibility – with most of the mid table chasing Champ, Kami, and Layne, we wouldn’t want to make any predictions for the final Draft!

Mortician’s Guild coaches are no exception in that mid-table scrum – Layne sits at the top of their wish list, the Ferryman presumably seeing more than enough potential in the lad. If he goes earlier in the Draft they’ll look to Edge instead, Gaffer slipping way down into third. Trust us when we say you definitely won’t win him at the rate the Blacksmiths are going.

The Final Countdown!

We’re approaching the point of no return now for several Guilds, where a complete lane swap is unlikely to yield good results, and coaches definitely have to think tactically. Our best suggestion is to huddle together as a Guild and agree on the rookies you’re pushing for - and we’ll be back at the start of the final week with the standings!