Las Vegas Open Champion | Critical Role

For the past month Critters all over the globe have been voting for which character to bring to life on the tabletop: Aldor, Kashaw, or Kingston. After a huge surge of support for Kashaw, no doubt spurred on by Will Friedle’s Twitter campaign, has Kashaw managed to maintain his support?

There can only be one winner and despite best efforts from Brian Foster to rally his followers Kashaw was not to be toppled!


Commiserations to Aldor & Kingston, we’ll have to see what the future holds for them…

When can we join the Slayer’s Take?

Are you ready to lead the Slayer’s Take? Pre-order your own Vanessa Cyndrial today (ships December 17th)! OR collect her early at PAX Unplugged (November 30th – December 2nd). She’ll be available for order until December 3rd!


When can we get our hands on Calianna?

Last month’s vote finished with a massive majority vote of 70% for Calianna to be brought to life on the table top next. She will be available to collect early at PAX South (January 18th-20th) & available to pre-order from January 3rd-21st!


What’s releasing next month?

Be sure to check back next week when voting for our PAX East Vault miniature will be announced. Who could it be? Maybe someone frequently in need of ‘a hand’? Could it be a ranger, wary of a certain Horn? Or perhaps… ’The Moon’?


#CrittersPaint – New Critter # for Twitter

We’d love to see your painted miniatures, and we’ve agreed with Critical Role to introduce a new hashtag for use with these vault miniatures, and the Mighty Nein & Vox Machinca Machina minis in the future! Use #CrittersPaint to show us your hobby skills and we’ll even feature some of them in these blogs!!